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My cross stitch blog! Blog posts all about cross stitch! How to cross stitch tutorials for beginners as well as extra tutorials on how to finish your piece and how to make home decor items from your cross stitch work.

The Top 6 Things Needed For Cross Stitch

1. Fabric The fabric used for cross stitch is usually aida or Evenweave/linen (these two come in the same counts but are made of different materials; Evenweave is cotton and modal and obviously linen is linen). These fabrics are perfect for cross stitch because they are weaved evenly, so that there are small squares with …

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What is a Stitch-A-Long and 5 Reasons You Should Join One

A stitch-a-long is an online stitching event where everyone stitches the same pattern/design over a series of weeks or months.

So every week you receive a part of the cross stitch pattern, usually through email, but some people offer the paper version too. And everyone who is taking part stitches together (of course you can take as long as you need though).

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Pinterest Profile

This post is a little different to my usual content, but I adore Pinterest and I wanted to share this for all of my fellow business owners out there (or just those of you who want to improve your personal profile).

Pinterest has grown my community more in the past 6 months than 4 years on social media has, and these are the basic steps I followed when I first got started. I am not an expert, but I have done a lot of research and got amazing growth from following these steps.