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Star Sign Constellation Cross Stitch Kit

Hannah Hand Makes

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A luxurious star sign constellation cross stitch kit made with unique, hand dyed, galaxy fabric. This kit would make a lovely gift for a friend or loved one's birthday. You can stitch it yourself for a thoughtful, handmade gift or give it to them to stitch themselves.

Your box contains all the materials you need to make your own 4 inch hoop. There is a little back stitching on this pattern but the detailed instructions will help you through it. 

This kit includes Light Effects thread (the metallic, sparkly one) which can be quite tricky to get the hang of stitching with if you are a complete beginner to cross stitch. But don't worry! I include cotton thread as well so you can choose which you would prefer to stitch with. And I have a podcast episode and blog post with some hints and tips about stitching with it. Or you can watch me stitching this hoop myself for help with the whole kit.

It includes:

A 4 inch, high quality embroidery hoop, super soft galaxy Zweigart aida fabric, sparkly, silver, DMC embroidery thread, a needle, a pattern, instructions and felt to back your hoop. Everything comes in a box so you can keep all the bits together while you are working on your kit.

This kit comes in all 12 star signs, just select you star sign from the drop down menu.

*Due to the hand dyed nature of this fabric, each piece will have different pattern placements. 


I have a bit of an obsession with star signs and the stars in general. There is nothing better than looking up at a star filled night sky is there? Since moving to the countryside these nights appear a lot more but since moving I have also had 2 kids which put a little dent in my night time star-gazing. So I decided to create my own star filled hoop! These originally started as custom embroidery hoops that I would stitch for lovely customers, but as my business evolved I stopped doing custom pieces but brought my designs back as these lovely cross stitch kits so you can stitch your own star filled hoop and bring some of that beautiful night time world into your home.


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