About Us

Hello! I'm Hannah; creator, mother and tea drinker. I would love to tell I'm this quirky, interesting woman but I'm actually just quite a normal(ish) person trying to wade through the sea of life without drowning in milk, sick or slobber (just 3 of the things I'm usually drowning in). You can read more about me and my motivation behind Hannah Hand Makes here.

Hannah Hand Makes began in March 2015 when my love of cross stitch grew into a passion of creating my own designs. But it was my lovely Nan who taught me how to cross stitch way back in the 90s before the iPads took over. Check out my first ever cross stitch kit (still not finished!)

Cross stitch kit

Getting back into cross stitching after having my first baby was amazing. It relaxed me at the end of the day and gave me a fuzzy, satisfactory feeling once I had finished. And now I want everyone to have a creative outlet and cross stitch it one of the easiest crafts to learn which is why all of my kits are made with beginners in mind. You can read more about what you will find in my kits here.

If you would like to come and join me and lots of other crafty makers, come and join in my Facebook group - I run regular giveaways, markets and special offers here. And if you want to see lots of behind the scenes photos, come and follow me on Instagram.

If you have any questions you can get in touch via the contact page, visit our FAQ page or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a little look around, visit my blog and come say hello!

Hannah x