1:1 Support

Finding a new hobby: £49 for a 1-hour call

Are you stuck in the day to day of your life and don’t know what you could do for fun? I was there 8 years ago and I didn’t know where to start. I felt like I had lost my identity and I didn’t know what I even enjoyed anymore. After all those years of figuring it out, and helping others, let me help you figure out how you can bring more fun and joy into your day. Simply and fill out the form below and I will get in touch to find the best time for you to come on a call.

Finding the time for your hobby: £49 for a 1-hour call

If you already have a list of hobbies you know you love but are struggling to find the time for them I can help you make that time for yourself. Usually finding the time for yourself has less to do with being too busy and more to do with feeling guilty. I can help you release that guilt and keep you accountable to taking that time for yourself.

Business clarity call: £99/1 hour call or £149 for 4x 1-hour calls

I have been running a business for over 7 years and have tried most of the advice out there. I’ve realised that running a business is unique to each person and following someone else’s way isn’t always the best way. On this call with me I will help you figure out what the best way to run your business is. Whether you’re just starting out and need advice on where to put your effort or you’re more established and need help with what your next steps are I can pull out of you what you really want and need. I love talking business and want you to make a success out of yours. I am more experienced in the craft business space but can also help you if your business is in a different niche as my own business is very hybrid; I’ve done both digital and physical products.