Hi there! I’m Hannah (as you may have already guessed) and I am here to help you not just learn how to cross stitch, but how to add more creativity into your everyday life.

I’ve found that most people think they don’t have time for crafts or hobbies, especially learning a whole new one, or if you have never been particularly “creative” so I create podcasts, videos, blog posts, E-books, kits, patterns, classes and courses to help you learn to cross stitch quickly and to help you start making time for this hobby today.


So that’s me up there and I’m a mum of 2 littles, a military wife and as well as being passionate about teaching I also love to learn. That’s why I decided to start studying for a degree this year (in marketing in case you’re interested) so I totally understand the feeling of not being able to fit hobbies into your full life. But we can and we should!

I’m a homebody and an introvert so you can usually find me typing away at my keyboard (whether it’s writing blog posts, books, podcast notes or essays – I write a lot), sketching new cross stitch design ideas or reading, surrounded by warm drinks (coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon), my cross stitch supplies, notebooks and candles in my “for-now” house (military life) in a small village in England.

When I was growing up I loved to cross stitch. I was also that girl who cut up magazines and stuck things to her wall. I made scrapbooks and had “drawing Sundays” with my mum. But somewhere along the way, I lost my creativity. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer so I started on that road. And lawyers don’t cross stitch right?

But after leaving university very quickly and having my first baby I felt that pull back into creativity and started to craft again. Over the past 5 years I’ve finally realised that you can love the practical side of life (studying, politics, math, etc) and love to be creative. You don’t have to choose.

So I hope you come and join the cross stitch community I’ve built through this website. The best place to connect is to come and join me and over 1.5 thousand other stitchers in my Facebook group that you can join here.

And if you want to see lots of behind the scenes photos, come and follow me on Instagram.

Have a little look around, visit my blog and come say hello!

And remember, everyone has creativity inside of them. It’s time to let yours out.

Hannah x

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