20 Podcasts for Creativity, Motherhood and Business

Hannah Paige

Why listen to podcasts?

I love podcasts! Ever since I discovered what that purple app did on my phone I’ve been hooked on them. I love them so much I even started my own!
As someone who tries to be as productive as possible, I think they’re great for when you are doing mundane tasks such as housework/laundry/gardening. 
Just a little note though - if I’m doing anything that requires a little more brain space (such as writing) I turn them off. Although I believe you can stack tasks, such as listening to a podcast and doing the dishes, I don’t believe we can multi-task effectively. Trust me; I learnt the hard way!
But let’s jump in! 
You may think this is a strange combination of podcasts to share, but I know many of you are mums who have their own business, and I’m pretty sure most of you are interested in creativity.
I haven’t rated these as such, I’ve tried to categorise them instead. However, some do cross over a little.

Podcasts for Motherhood

It's rare I listen to every episode of a show, but this one is an exception. Allie (the host) used to co-host The Purposeful Home Podcast which is one of the first podcasts I listened to. She branched out on her own in January and I have never missed an episode. This podcast is a mix of minimalism, motherhood, creativity, business and all the good things. Also, Allie shares the best little hacks to help you do life better *insert laughing emoji*.
Indiana, Ashlee and April never fail to make me laugh with their podcast all about motherhood. They have a great "This Is How We Do..." series and they each bring their own personal perspective to the show so there is something for everyone (even those of you who may be struggling on your journey to motherhood). 
Kelsey used to also co-host The Purpose Show, so I've been listening to her show since the start too. Not every episode is for me as there is a lot about faith, but her practical episodes to living a "better life" are always so helpful and refreshing.

Podcasts for Creativity

This one is a slight cross over, as although Elise has many episodes on getting crafty and creative, she is also known for her advice in setting and acheiving goals. In fact, she has a book coming out about it! But, there is lots of advice about how to get more creative in your life.
I couldn't not mention my own podcast, right? Although my show is mainly centred around cross stitch, I do also talk a lot about getting creative and finding the time to do it. Next series will focus a little more on creativity too.
Ashley and Abbigail give out great advice on how regular people chase their creativity, from 2 different seasons of life. They also do a mini book club at the end which I love because they always recommend good'uns!
Just listening to Miranda talking about books makes me feel smarter. You will hear a little bit of everything here, from "mini-reads", to talking about new living trends (for example "Hyyge") and interviews with amazing women. 2 interviews that particularly stick out in my memory are ones with Johanna Basford (think colouring book) and Lucy from Capture By Lucy.
Abby is also someone who interviews interesting business owners (maily those in the craft/sewing world) and I just love to learn about how these business' evolved. She is also always in the loop with the creative happenings in the world.

Podcasts for Small Businesses

The very first podcast I listened to, I have learnt so much about business from Janet and she inspired me to start my podcast, create the Project Planner and start blogging more! 
Tara is a genius when it comes to helping small businesses who make things, rather than those who provide a service. And she is someone else who is always recommending books! (Can you tell what my other hobby is yet?)
A podcast literally all about Pinterest - heaven! I love Pinterest, and many of you reading probably found this blog post there. That's thanks to Kate, the host! She shares great, up to date advice.
Jen (the host) is all about slow marketing, concentrating on your own business and going at your own pace. In a world where everyone is telling you how to 10x your business in 30 days, I love the advice from Jen about slowing down. Especially when you have 2 kids and can't run a full time business.
Dana literally talks about everything on this podcast and I love it. Although her main thing is marketing, she's spoke about everything else from hypnobirthing to minimalism.
Kelly and Caroline host a fabulous show here, although I recommend listening with ear buds in if you have littles around. They were sick of all the service based business help out there and so they created the show to help the product based business owner. So much good stuff about selling actual things in an actual (online) shop.
Taylor mainly focuses on blogging, but does it in a more purposeful way than just "blog to get traffic". She really helps you see things from your readers perspective and is all about quality over quantity.
Jenna talks about so many inspiring things on her show, from business tips to interviewing her mum. 
Although this is a podcast about marketing a service based business, there are some amazing guests on it and she talks a lot about personal growth as well as business growth.
You may find this podcast useful even if you don't have an Etsy shop. The hosts talk keywords, SEO and the current trends and how you can apply them to your product.

You may notice that there’s a lot of business podcasts on the list, however I don’t listen to every single episode of every single show. I only listen to episodes that relate to what I’m working on at that time. For example, if I want to try and build up my email list I will find recent episodes from the business podcasts about email lists. 

It can get over whelming to consume so much content and it can stifle your creativity.  As a rule for business podcasts, I try to create more than I consume.

These Have No Category But Still Needed Including

I love Gretchen's books and her podcast is just as good. She shares so many life hacks to make your life easier and happier!
If you need a dose of inspiration, Meg is the girl to listen to! I nearly put this one in the business category, but I think even if you don't have a business, you will love the stories that are told on this podcast.
I hope this list inspires you to listen to more podcasts! There are so many more I could talk about, but these are the ones I have found the most thought provoking, inspiring and even a little life changing. 
Let me know if you have any favoutite podcasts in the comments below, or come and join in the conversations in my Facebook group.
20 podcast shows all about creativity, motherhood and business

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