How To Make A Cross Stitch Christmas Card

In this post I will be taking you through the steps to make your very own cross stitch Christmas card.

This tutorial is for making a card using an aperture card (a card which has a hole cut out already for you). If you have a normal, blank card you can cut out your own square in the middle; the size of the one I show you here is 6cm x 6cm. 

You will need:

  • A blank card (a tri-fold aperture card works best)
  • A piece of aida (I recommend off-white, red or green)
  • A piece of felt if you have a double-fold card
  • A needle
  • Embroidery floss
  • Double-sided tape
  • A warm drink and snack (optional, but definitely makes this more even more fun)!

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1. Stitch your design

Stitch your design onto the centre of your aida (I didn’t quite get mine centre because I added the “Merry Christmas” later on).

You will be using quite a small piece of aida so you may not need a hoop to stitch with. If you are new to cross stitch and need some help with this part, I have a how to guide with all the tutorials you will need, or sign up to my newsletter and get my E-book (Everything a Beginner to Cross Stitch Needs to Know) for free!


2. Cut your aida

If your square on the card is 6cm x 6cm, cut your aida 8cm x 8cm. You want it to be bigger than the width and height of the square, but smaller than the width and height of the whole card. And remember to keep your design centre before you cut it.


Next, you may need to cut out some felt if you have a double-fold card. If you have a tri-fold card you can skip ahead to step three.


Cut your felt the same size as the aida, so 8cm x 8cm. You can draw a square on the felt but I find it easier to hold the aida on top and use this a guide whilst cutting the felt, making sure not to snip the aida. This way, you know they are the exact same size. 


3. Stick on the tape

Now it’s time to stick on the double sided tape onto the card. If you can, it makes it easier to cut your tape first.

You will need two 7.5cm strips and two 5.5cm strips, and they all should be between 0.5-1cm thick.

Stick your longer strips on the top and bottom of the square on the inside of the card. Get the strips as close to the edge as possible without them showing through on the other side. Then repeat with the two shorter strips at either side.


4. Check it fits

Put your stitched design right side down on the inside of the card in the square and have a quick check of what your design will look like at the front. Make sure it is centre and hold it in place.


5. Stick it onto the card

Lift up one side of the aida, trying not to shift the piece too much and peel off the top layer of the tape. Once you are sure it is lined up correctly stick this side down.


Check at the front again to make sure it is still centre and fix it if you need to (it’s much easier to fix when only one side is stuck down).

After checking, peel off and stick down the other 3 edges. The next step is for double-fold cards if you have a tri-fold card you can skip to step seven.


6. Stick on the felt

Next, it’s time to stick on the felt to cover up the stitches at the back.

Cut out another 4 strips of tape, the same length and thickness as before (two 7.5cm x 0.5-1cm and two 5.5cm x 0.5-1cm). Stick them on the aida, directly on top of where the other four are.


Peel off the strips and stick on the felt.


Your card is now finished! The next step is for tri-fold cards so you can scroll down for a little more information.

7. Stick the fold down

It’s now time to stick two sides of the card together to cover up the back of your stitching.

Please note, mine has felt on as I am showing you two ways of making the card. You don’t need to put felt on if you have a tri-fold card, but you still can if you would like to. 

Stick four strips of double-sided tape onto the left-hand side of your card. You can also put the tape in the middle part of the card, but I like to do it this way so I can’t accidentally stick the wrong two sides together (talking from experience).


You will need two 17 cm strips and two 9 cm strips and they need to be around 1 cm thick.

Peel off the tops of the tape and gently fold the card over on top of the tape.

Press down on the card to stick both sides together and you should be left with a double-fold card and no stitching visible on the inside.


Now you just need to fill them with words for your loved ones.

If you are stuck on any of the parts of this tutorial please just get in touch ( or come and join fellow stitchers in my Facebook group!

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