How To Cross Stitch Your Star Sign Hoop

In this video, I show you how to stitch your Star Sign Cross Stitch Kit.

Light Effects Thread

You stitch this kit using light effects thread, which can be quite tricky to stitch with. I have coated it in thread conditioner before sending it out to you which should help stop it getting too tangled and knotted and I have a video with more hints and tips if you are struggling to stitch with it. But if you completely hate it (which I know some people do, it’s a little like marmite) then I also include cotton thread that you can use instead.

To start your hoop, find the centre of your aida and the centre of the pattern. The centre of your pattern probably will not be a stitch, so you will have to count out to the closest one and then count this same number on your aida to find your start.

Then pop your aida in the hoop, pull it taught and tighten your hoop. If you need any extra help on how to start I have a video showing you that more closely.

Next, take one strand of thread and thread your needle quite close to the end. You can use the needle threader if you’re struggling to thread it.

Make your first stitch, but leave the loop sticking out of the back of the aida. Then when you bring your needle back down, pop it through the loop to secure your thread.


Your pattern is full of back stitches, half stitches, fractional stitches and full cross stitches. 

Full Cross Stitch

The heart of cross stitch is the full X. These are used as your little stars around your constellation.

You simply go from one hole diagonally down to the next and repeat in the opposite direction directly on top of that first stitch to create an X.

It doesn’t matter too much where you start your stitch, the thing to remember is to be consistent and do every stitch the same way.

Half Stitch

Literally a half of the full cross stitch, you just do on diagonal in which ever direction the pattern is showing; so either / or \.

You use this stitch for the bigger stars and the thing to remember when stitching the stars is to always work into the middle of the star from the outside.

I show you this in the video but I have another video if you need a bit more of an explanation on this (although the stars in this other video are bigger than the ones on your pattern, the technique is the same).

Back Stitch

The back stitch is used on your pattern to do some of the lines connecting the larger stars. For these you are working from one hole directly across to another, no diagonals!

Fractional Stitch

There are many versions of a fractional stitch and the one I use here is not a very common one. It can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but it is almost like a half stitch. Instead of going from one hole diagonally into another hole though, you go from one hole and down in between the 2 holes above.

Your aida should naturally separate for you even though there is no “pre-made” hole there. Watching this on the video will help you to see what I mean if you can’t visualise it.

I hope this video helps to make stitching your zodiac hoop even easier for you. If you are struggling with any part of this please get in touch or come and join my Facebook group where you can ask for any advice – no question is a silly question!

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