5 Things to Do When You Lose Your Motivation to Cross Stitch | S3E23

In this post, I am sharing 5 things to do when you lose your motivation to cross stitch.

As always, these are just my own ideas and opinions and if you don’t like them, you do you and just ignore. But hopefully, you find a nugget of helpful information in here.


We can lose our motivation to cross stitch for many reasons from going through a hard time in our lives, to not finding something we want to stitch, to being on our period or … when there is a worldwide pandemic like coronavirus.

Whatever the reason, we all can find ourselves in a slump but sometimes you need to cross stitch even if we don’t particularly feel like it especially if you use cross stitch as a relaxation method, or as a coping mechanism for anxiety.

You can listen to me talk through the 5 tips in the podcast episode below or keep scrolling to read the tips instead.

5 Things to Do to When You Lose Your Motivation to Cross Stitch

1. Do nothing

Sometimes you might just need a break. Don’t feel guilty about this, even if you are in the middle of a project. They will still be there when your motivation comes back.

And this can give your hands a rest. I don’t know about you but the muscle under my thumb aches so bad when I’m stitching a lot so it needs a little break from time to time.

Use this lack of motivation and lean into that feeling of not really wanting to stitch and rest instead.

But while you’re taking a break, also trust that your motivation will come back. I promise! I’ve been there so many time and I am always back to stitching a few weeks later.

2. Try a new hobby

While you’re taking a break you could use that time to learn a new hobby. And once your cross stitch motivation comes back you will have a new hobby to enjoy alongside it.

If you are looking for a new hobby I share some tips on finding a new one here.

Or why not check out this hand embroidery post from Claire with some free Easter patterns and useful tips.

And if you already have other hobbies you can really lean into them on your break.

If I’m taking a break I love to colour in and dive into learning more about skincare products. And of course, reading! I read every day but I up it during my cross stitch breaks. If you’re a new mum I share some tips on fitting reading into your days here.

Something we have been doing right now, during coronavirus, is Draw With Rob. This is meant to be for kids, and mine love it. But so do I! It’s so fun and creative.

3. Stitch a quick project

I adore a quick project. Although I love stitching for the sake of stitching, and not the finished project, sometimes I just really need to finish something for a boost of motivation.

Grab something quick and easy to stitch and finish and see if it boosts your motivation at all.

This is especially fun if you have a large project that you’re in the middle of and kind of feeling like you won’t ever get it finished. Taking a break, and stitching something quick can give you the motivation to dive back into your project. Unless you’re a person that won’t go back to the larger one… then don’t do this!

These bookmarks are so quick to make! You can read the tutorial here.

4. Set a timer

I love using timers in everyday life. I use them in work and work in 20 minutes bursts throughout the day with small breaks in between and longer ones every hour. More commonly known as the Pomodoro method.

I also use them with my kids and put on a 10 minute timer and do a “10 minute tea time tidy up” at the end of the day. We get so much done in those 10 minutes.

If you have a project you really want or need to get finished you could set a timer for 20 minutes every day for the focused cross stitch you would be amazed at what you get done.

Sometimes thinking ‘I’ve just got to do this for 20 minutes’ helps us just do it. There’s something about 20 minutes that seems like a nice amount of time, right? But you could do 5, 10, 15, etc instead.

However, if it is a project that doesn’t really need finishing I don’t recommend this. Don’t force yourself to stitch; cross stitch is meant to be fun! It’s your hobby and it’s meant to be enjoyable so if you don’t absolutely need to stitch, don’t force yourself to do it.

On the other hand, you might not always want to cross stitch, but you need to for your wellbeing. It can be kind of like exercise; I don’t always want to do it but I know if I do just 20 minutes I will feel better. You can use cross stitch to be mindful, and relax and so setting a timer here can be helpful.

5. Only stitch what you love

This is something I am so so passionate about. You should only cross stitch a design that you absolutely love.

Sometimes you might like to stitch something for a friend that isn’t quite your style for example, but when motivation is low this is not the time to do it.

Pick a design that you love, with colours that you love and stitches that you love. If you don’t like backstitch or French knots, don’t pick a project with those in when your motivation is low.

Some of you might have that 1 project that you have always wanted to stitch, or you have recently seen a design that you love. And you say “Oh, I would really love to stitch that but I can’t because I’m stitching X design right now”.

No! This is meant to be FUN. Don’t worry if you have a project that you are stitching right now, if you find a design that you really really want to stitch then stitch it and worry about the other project when your motivation is back.

I challenge you that if you come across a design that you adore when your motivation is low, and if you’re in a position to, buy the design and stitch it!

I talk more about unfinished projects here if you need more encouragement around those.

I hope you found these tips on what to do if you lose your motivation to cross stitch helpful and if your motivation is low right now I hope it makes a swift return. In the meantime, sign up for some free patterns and gethttps://hannahhandmakes.lpages.co/free-patterns-sign-up regular cross stitch tips like these right in your inbox.

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