Cross Stitch Hints And Tips | S1E7

In this episode I share some of my favourite hints and tips around cross stitching and share my new pattern of the week.

Hints and Tips

  1. To snip your thread to the length you need, measure it from the tips of your fingers to your elbow (or for a quick way to snip a full skein in one go watch the video in this blog post).
  2. Don’t pull your thread to tight when makings your “X”.
  3. Snip off your loose thread at the back as you are stitching.
  4. Stitch in natural light if you can or next to a lamp.
  5. Take your hoop off your work in between stitching.
  6. Iron your finished piece right side down on a towel on your ironing board.
  7. Use a needle minder and drawstring bag to keep your needle and work safe. You can buy drawstring bags and needle minders in my supply section of the website.

You can view even more hints and tips in this blog post.

Pattern Of The Week

My pattern of the week this week is my Happy Halloween pattern. This is a great pattern to stitch this week because you should be able to finish it before Halloween. It is full of witches hats, pumpkins, skulls and a little dangling spider. It costs £5.40 if you are in the EU and if stitched onto 14 count aida it fits perfectly in a 7 inch hoop.

If you have any hints or tips you would like to share please just get in touch at

Thanks so much for listening!

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