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Are you worried about how you are going to fit cross stitch into your full life?

Do you struggle to make time for yourself and although you really want to start this new hobby you know you probably won’t actually do it?

Or maybe you’ve already started to try and you just can’t seem to find the time to cross stitch?

I can help you change that.

With my eBook, Making Cross Stitch a Habit, I help you find gaps in your day that you can fill with cross stitch.

And I also help you swap some habits you don’t want to do anymore (for example mindless snacking) for cross stitch.

I don’t tell you to cross stitch at a certain time of day for a certain amount of time. We are all different, and lead different lives.

This guide will help you find a solution to build a cross stitch habit for your particular lifestyle; whether your a stay-at-home mum or a work-outside-the-home woman or even a bit of both this guide can work for you.

We think that by wanting to do something, we will just automatically fit it in. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen, no matter how much we want to do the thing.

If you want to find a way to fit cross stitch into your life, but need a little extra help doing it, I have the guide you need.

making cross stitch a habit cover page

And for the next half an hour you can get the guide at a special price just for you!

What’s included in the guide?

  • Find the habits you want to swap
  • Find the time gaps in your day
  • Discover how to trigger yourself to remember to cross stitch
  • Plan out the times you will cross stitch

At the end of this guide, you will be able to fit cross stitch into your full life and you will be stitching more than you ever thought you could!

Plus a bonus!

50 Ideas of Things to Make From Cross Stitch.

50 ideas of things to make from your cross stitch design cover page

These ideas will give you inspiration for what to make from your cross stitch designs and then can even save you money if you use some of these ideas as gifts!

So that’s the habit guide and a list of 50 ideas for just $7. Don’t miss out!

Grab the guide and bonus now.

making cross stitch a habit and 50 ideas of things to make from your cross stitch design guides

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