How to Make a Cross Stitch | Video Tutorial

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This video shows you how to make a cross stitch; what holes to put your needle in on the aida to make your “X”.

There are of course other ways to do this. Some people prefer to go from right to left first, where I go from left to right. And some people do lots of half cross stitches one way and come back over them the other way, which I show you in the video.

If you find a different way to stitch then go with what ever you find easiest; the important bit is to be consistent and do each stitch the same.

Before you watch this video, I recommend starting with my post on How to Starting Your Cross Stitch  if you haven’t already watched it.

How to Make Your “X”

First, come up the top left hole of you aida, and put your needle back down through the bottom right (diagonally opposite).


Then bring your needle back up the top right hole of your square (right above where you just came down), and go back down in the bottom left hole of the square.


And that’s it! Just continue like this. Like I say, I do show you another way to stitch in the video, but this is how I recommend beginners start out.

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