How To Start Your Cross Stitch

In this video, I will show you how to start cross stitching. You will learn how to find the centre of your aida, how to put it in the hoop, and how to secure your thread.

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The method I’m using here is just 1 way to start of many. This method is the best way if you are using colour variations thread. This is thread that has a few colours in one strand so as you are stitching the stitches gradually change colour.

The other method (the “loop” one) for starting your cross stitch doesn’t work for variations thread and distorts the colours. If you don’t have colour variations in your kit and would like to try a different method to start, you can view the video and blog post here.

How to Start Your Cross Stitch

So, on with the instructions!

Step 1 – Find your centre

You always start stitching in the centre of your fabric (aida/evenweave/linen etc). You can find the centre by folding your fabric in half lengthways and width ways. Where they meet is your centre square and you can find the centre of your pattern by following the arrows.

Step 2 – Put it in a hoop

Then pop your aida in the hoop ready to start stitching. Pull the aida as tight as you can get it, this will make it much easier to stitch on.

Step 3 – Cut your threads

Your thread is already cut and ready to use if you have bought a kit; take a strand and then separate 2 strands from the 6 carefully and thread your needle with the two ends.

If it isn’t cut then pull out some thread from the bottom of the skein. Then measure from the tips of your fingers to your elbow and snip. Or you can use this trick! Snip all the loops at the bottom of the skein to give you even strands of thread ready to use.


Step 4 – secure your thead

For your first stitch come up the top left hole of the square you are starting on but leave and hold about an inch of thread out at the back. Then go diagonally across into the bottom right hole. Next, come back up the top right hole and back down into the bottom left. (For more details and video on how to do a cross stitch pop over to this post).

As you are stitching make sure your stitches are going over the inch of thread at the back to secure it. Repeat this until you come to the end of the thread or colour you are using. To see how to secure your thread when you come to the end visit this post.

And that’s how you start cross stitching! For more cross stitch help why not sign up to receive your free cross stitch guide for beginners as well as other cross stitch goodies! You will also receive regular cross stitch tutorials and patterns.

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  1. Very nicely done. I know how to cross stitch but I didn’t know about how you cut your thread! I’m glad I watched it. Thank you!

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