The 2024 Storybook Cross Stitch Along (SAL)

You can listen to me chat about the Storybook Cross Stitch Along in the episode below or keep scrolling to read all about it.

Love books? Love libraries? Then you will love the brand new, secret Storybook SAL.

The first-ever year-long SAL is here and you can enjoy a new part of the secret pattern every month for the next 12 months.

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The Storybook Cross Stitch Along details

  • We start stitching on the 1st May 2024 and finish on 1st May 2025.
  • The pattern is a full, counted cross stitch with colour blocks and symbols.
  • It is a full-coverage pattern with lots of backstitching. But don’t worry if you’re a beginner as there will be tutorials for you.
  • It uses 47 DMC colours but in the welcome video, I share how you don’t need to go out and buy them all right now.

The releases

  • The pattern is released monthly via a platform called Teachable. The layout inside works great for SALs and all of the parts of the pattern are in the same place for you!
  • It’s quite simple to use, you just need to create an account and log in each week to either download the pattern or read it right inside Teachable. But you will also be emailed the pattern each week to download.
  • The pattern will be made live every month, on the 1st of the month at around 10 am BST.

Video tutorials and Zoom calls

  • Each month there will be a video for you to watch that walks you through the new release of the pattern.
  • If any tutorials are needed they will be inside the SAL for you each month. You can also request any that you want/need.
  • There will be a few Zoom calls throughout this SAL to come together online for some community stitching.

FAQs about the Storybook Cross Stitch Along

What is a Stitch Along?

A stitch along is an event where we all stitch the same pattern together over a set number of weeks/months for a certain length of time. So for the Storybook SAL we are stitching together for 1 year and the pattern parts are released every month.

I go into more detail on this blog post if you need any more details on how SALs work.

What do you get in this SAL?

This is a fully digital product so you get instant access and nothing in the mail. The PDF patterns will be released monthly starting 1st May 2024 and there will be a list of the supplies you need once you’re inside.

You will get a video walkthrough of the pattern each month and lots of hints and tips to help you along, plus the free Facebook group which is so supportive and helpful.

Is the Storybook SAL for a beginner?

The design itself is relatively simple but it is quite large and full coverage with lots of backstitching. So if you are a total beginner you may find it harder than others, but it will still be possible for you to stitch.

Can I see the SAL before I buy it?

If you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a button for you to have a peek.

When do we start stitching?

We start stitching on Wednesday 1st May 2024.

How does the ordering process work?

Once you click to join, you will be taken to checkout at Teachable, where the SAL is hosted.

Please note, that some countries and states will have extra Tax/VAT added on for digital download laws and state taxes.

You can then choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. The SAL is priced in $ but your payment provider will convert it for you if you are paying in a different currency.

You can also make an account with Teachable, you just need your name and email and then you can set a password later. This is how you can log in and access your SAL whenever you want.

I can’t wait to see you inside for another fabulous stitch along!



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