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How to Make an Autumn Cross Stitch Banner With Tassels

In this post, I am sharing how to make an Autumn cross stitch banner with tassels to give it that little something extra.

I love making banners and I did a Summer one a few years ago, but I needed something to swap it out for during the cooler months.

That’s something else I love; swapping out wall decor each season and cross stitch banners make this much easier as you can just roll them up and tuck them away for a few months.

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To make an autumn cross stitch banner you will need:

  • Aida or evenweave (approx 7.5 x 10 inches if using the same pattern I have)
  • 4 full skeins of embroidery thread for the tassels (I used DMC 814, 3051, 3852 and 919)
  • Thread for your pattern
  • A wooden dowl (approx 6-6.5 inches)
  • Thread to hang the banner up
  • A cross stitch pattern (I used this Autumn one)
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Sewing machine (optional)
materials needed for banner

How to make an Autumn cross stitch banner with tassels

finished autumn banner

Step 1: Stitch your cross stitch pattern

If you chose one larger than the design I used then you will have to alter the measurements of your aida/evenweave accordingly and may need a longer dowel.

Step 2: Fold in the edges for stitching

Leave 1.25 inches of space at the sides of your design and fold in the edges. I lined the ruler up where the fold needed to be and folded over it.

fold in edges of the banner

The repeat at the top edge, but leave a 4 inch space here.

measure top edge
fold in top edge

For the bottom triangle fold, firstly make a mark at the bottom center square and then mark a side edge in line with the bottom of the design. (I did mine lower than this but think it would look better a bit higher).

 measure the bottom of the banner

Then fold from the mark at the edge to the mark at the bottom center and repeat on the other side.

 fold in bottom edges to make a triangle shape

Step 3: Sew the edges

First, sew the side edges all the way to the top (you will have to unfold the top edge first). You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine.

Next, sew the bottom folds to make your pointed bottom. If there is a little bit of fraying at your point just use some fray check to help it out and know that this will be covered with a tassel soon.

 sew the bottome edges

I love this Prym Fray Check* for aida. It dries clear and is great for clothes too!

You may want to snip off any excess aida at the back now (I like to work with a lof of margin in case any stitches are off).

For the top edge, fold it back down and you want to leave enough margin when you’re sewing that your wooden dowel will fit through the hole you are creating. For me, this was just under an inch.

sew the edges

Step 4: Make Your Tassels

I have a video (it’s from an Instagram live I did) below that you can watch to make your tassel or you can read the instructions instead.

First, get a full skein of thread and pull out around 12 inches of thread and snip it in half.

pull out thread from skein
snip piece in half

Tie each piece at each end of the skein, trying to make them tie at equal points from the edge.

 tie pieces at ends
 skein with ties on

Next, fold the whole skein in half and cut right through the middle.

fold whole skein in half
snip it in half

Pull off the casings and tah-dah! 2 tassels ready to go. Repeat this on 3 more skeins and you may need to trim the bottoms so they all match up.

tassels from embroidery skeins

If you want to you can also trim the ends of the tassels to make them the same length.

Step 5: Attach your tassels to the banner

Find the pieces of thread that you tied around the skein and thread 1 part through a needle (you may need a needle threader as all 6 threads are going through).

thread your needle

Start at the bottom and thread your needle through the banner. Repeat with the other part of the thread you tied around the skein and come through right next to the first length of thread, but not through the same hole.

push needle through aida
push other thread through

At the back, tie the 2 lengths of thread in a knot. I tied it 3 times to ensure it was secure. Then snip the ends off.

tie knot at back

Repeat with the other 6 skeins spacing them out as evenly as you can. You can use the holes in the aida to count up or use a ruler to measure the space. I did neither and just guessed and it turned out pretty well. I do wish I had just spaced them apart a tiny bit more but overall I’m happy.

banner hung on door handle

Step 6: Make it ready to hang up

Now pop your wooden dowel through the gap at the top edge. Then cut some thread to attach to the dowel. The length depends on how low you want it to hang but I cut mine to approx. 13 inches.

Tie each end of the thread to each end of the dowel and snip off the excess.

And you’re done! You could cut out some felt and attach it to the back if you wanted, but if you’re hanging this on a wall it’s not necessary. And I like the way banners hang without the felt; they’re more “flowy”.

banner hung on wall

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How to Make an Autumn Cross Stitch Banner With Tassels by Hannah Hand Makes.

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