Summer Reading List 2019

In this post, I’ll be sharing my Summer reading list for 2019 and going over what I read in Spring 2019. And there will be some Amazon links to buy these books if you like the sound of them! These links are marked with a * and are affiliate links meaning that if you purchase the book through this link then I may earn a small commission. This helps keep the blog and podcast running so I can keep sharing things like this Summer reading list post!

You can listen to my Summer reading list below (from my podcast) or keep scrolling to read the blog post instead, and get all of the links to the books I talk about.

What I Read in Spring

As this is my first proper list I’ve shared on my blog I thought I would start with what I’ve read so far this year. So really it’s a Winter and Spring list but my Winter list was only 1 or 2 books because it took me a while to get into a reading habit this year.

As the seasons changed so did my 2-year-old. She started sleeping through the night (yay, but this actually meant less reading time because I would read during those waking times which you can read more about here), she stopped napping, and she potty trained!

1. Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness

This is the fourth book in the All Souls Trilogy, although with a slightly different plot going on. I enjoyed this book and it gave me some closure from the All Souls books that I read in late 2018 (the first is one of my favourite books). I rated it 4 stars on good reads and this is an extract from my review:

Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I love that Mathew and Diana are woven into this story still and the switches in characters/POV keep this book interesting and breaks it up nicely.

Hannah Braniff on Goodreads.

You can buy the book here*.

2. Allegiant by Veronica Roth

The third book in the Divergent series I rated this 4 stars on Goodreads. I loved the first 2 so much but this last one was not as good as it probably could have been. However, I still enjoyed it… minus the ending but that was nothing to do with the writing I just didn’t like what happened haha.

You can buy the book here*.

3. Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Another 4 stars on Goodreads this book started out amazing, but I can barely remeber the end. However, I have 41 highlights from this book and I loved the visulisation part in it. If you are a little bit confused with where you’re at or going in ife then this book is definitely worth a read.

You can buy the book here*.

4. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Oh, the book that gave me back my reading bug! My sister got me the first 3 of this series for my birthday and I’m so glad. Although this one took a little while to get into I’m glad I stuck with it because I couldn’t put it down in the ned.

You can buy the book here*.

5. Four: A Divergent Story Collection by Victoria Roth

O.K. this wasn’t the best book I’ve read this year and really I just read it out of sheer curiosity (my word of the year this year is actually curiosity so I’m following that). However, if left me a little confused and wanting to go back and re-read the Divergent series from the start. But I did enjoy Tobias’ POV so pros and cons to this one!

You can buy the book here*.

6. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Number 2! This was possibly the best book I’ve read so far this year. I loved it! 5 stars on Goodreads here’s a little bit of my review:

I love this so so much more than the first one. Excited to dive into the next one.

Hannah Braniff on Good reads.

Which is exactly what I did.

You can buy the book here*.

7. King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

Not as good as the second book for me personally, but I still love this series and I’m glad I won the first 3 books to re-read whenever I want. If you’re a fan of YA and dystopian novels I think you will enjoy these books!

You can buy the book here*.

8. War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

The fourth and final book (well I think there’s a prequel actually). Hmm. I really dislike the end of books like these. I felt the same with the Divergent books, the writing wasn’t bad (maybe a little rushed at the end) but it’s just not how I wanted or expected it to end.

You can buy the book here*.

9. Introverted Mom by Jamie C. Martin

This book. My only other 5-star book this year, it had me in tears just a few pages in and then laughing a few more in. It. Is. So. Good. Yes, there is some Faith bases advice in here but I feel like you can skim over those parts if you wish. Other than that if you are an Introverted mum/mom, you NEED this book. Like right now. Stop reading and go and buy it. You’re welcome.

You can buy the book here*.

And now we are at Summer!

Summer Reading List 2019

I’m planning on reading 12 books over the summer, which should be quite do-able. I read quite fast and I’m taking a break from work in August. But of course I will update once Autumn rolls around.

A little disclaimer – I’ve not yet finished any of these books, but I have read many reviews myself to compile this list of diverse books. As you might be able to tell I like to mix up fiction and non-fiction. I’m usually reading one of each at the same time actually. Non-fiction for during the day, and fiction for before bed.

1. Do Less by Kate Northrup

I’ve very nearly finished this book (like I’m 96% of the way through) and it has been a game changer. Some of the book was a little slow for me, but the parts that weren’t were so good that all slowness was forgotten.

The basic theory behind this book is all about tracking your cycles, the moon and your energy so you can try to schedule tasks that align with where your body is at and so it can make you more productive at those tasks.

I already track where the moon is at because it totally affects my kids’ sleep. But I’d never really thought to track it for myself though. You might roll your eyes t this but as Kate says in the book, the moon can affect the whole ocean, how can we deny that it affects us tiny humans that are 69% water?

However, I’m a little out of sync with the moon so I’ve had much more of a revelation tracking my cycles. And I’m not just talking about that 1 time of the month.

I highly recommend buying this book if you’ve ever been up and down a lot and can’t figure out why one minute your energised and motivated and the next week you want to sit on the couch watching re-runs of Friends with all the chocolate.

You can buy the book here*.

2. Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

This is the first audiobook I’ve listened to (like ever) and I’m still not 100% sure on them. But it is nice having it playing while I’m getting ready in the morning and I try and listen in the car with my kids too so they car hear some of the story too.

But I love the book! Peter Pan is one of my all-time favourite films and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read the book. Well, listen to it.

You can buy the book here*.

3. City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

This slot was originally for Bear Town, but I heard Elizabeth of Oprah Super Soal and I knew I had to buy this read and read it immediately. And I’m usually the girl who reads all the reviews, including spoilers, samples the book and then maybe waits until the library has it. I didn’t read one review of this and I’m glad! I love the mystery behind it!

The whole idea behind the book is that:

You don’t have to be a good girl to be a good person.

Elizabeth Gilbert

I love how we get to peek into the lives o 1940s showgirls and how maybe they weren’t the “good old days” after all. I’m a third of the way through now and can’t get enough!

You can buy the book here*.

4. As Old As Time (Twisted Tales) by Liz Braswell

A Beauty and the Beast re-telling, I’ve started this book twice now, but I just can’t seem to get into it. Which I’m really sad about because I think it could be so good!

I’ve shelved it for now (after writing this list) so I may replace it with something else if I get through the other 11 books. For this reason, I’ve not given an affiliate link because it’s not something I can recommend myself right now.

5. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

I’ve been wanting to read this for about 2 years but I just haven’t got around to it. It’s popped up a lot for me in the past few months though so it’s officially on my Summer reading list. I’m excited to see what the hype is about!

You can buy the book here*.

6. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I first heard of this series from the Chasing Creative podcast and wanted to start them ever since. But I had the All Souls books, then Divergent books, then Red Queen books… So now I can finally start these. I’ve heard really good things from fans of the YA genre and fans of Dystopian novels.

I actually have this one from the library already. I just need to finish City of Girls first.

You can buy the book here*.

7. Growing Gills by Jessica Abel

Another Chasing Creative recommendation I just love reading books on creativity and this is exactly what this one is all about. The girls on Chasing Creative interview .Jessica and listening to that interview made me want this book even more.

You can buy the book here*.

8. The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Last Summer I read Practical Magic (I adore that film and book) so it seemed fitting that this Summer I should read Rules of Magic. I think this is going t be my holiday book, but I haven’t quite decided yet. This is the second book to Practical Magic, but also the prequel. I just love stories with a bit of magic and witchcraft in them!

You can buy the book here*.

9. The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman

I love Emily’s podcast and I am the worst at making a decision (hence making a Summer reading list) so this book seems like a no brainer to me. This book is described as “a simple soulful practice for making life decisions”.

I might get the audiobook of this one because Emily has narrated it herself and as I listen to her podcast I think I might get on better with it. I have a feeling that non-fiction as an audiobook would be much better for listening too than fiction.

You can buy the book here*.

10. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

This one I heard of from Tara Swiger, and although the storyline sounds good, I am really reading this to try and expand my reading genres a little bit and challenge myself to read something different. I usually go for YA, fantasy-fiction, dystopian novels (if you haven’t already guessed).

You can buy the book here*.

11. Golden Son by Pierce Brown

The second book in the Red Rising series I am hoping the first is good enough for me to want to read the next.

You can buy the book here*.

12. Morning Star by Pierce Brown

And the third book! If I make it through the second I’m just hoping I have enough time to squeeze this one in.

You can buy the book here*.

And that’s it! Part of me is feeling like 12 might be a little bit of a stretch goal, but I loved making this list because my Goodreads can get a little overwhelming and it takes the decision out o what to read next his Summer. I’ll be back in 3 months with an update!

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In this post, I am sharing my Summer reading list for 2019.

Update Autumn 2019

I replaced As Old As Time with The Vampire Diaries (1-4) and they weren’t the most amazing books but I did enjoy them as I love the series!

I actually loved my whole reading list from Summer and got through nearly all of the books. he 2 that I didn’t get around to were The Big Leap and Morning Star.

Morning Star has been moved to my Autumn Reading List which you can read here and The Big Leap is being shelved until after Christmas.

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