Accountability in Cross Stitch | S3E78

In this episode, I am sharing some tips on how to get/use accountability in cross stitch.

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Accountability in cross stitch

Accountability can be on ongoing thing or something you use for small bursts of stitching to make a dent in your WIP pile. It can help you get motivated to stitch if you have been in a rut and/or help keep your habit going if you have recently started cross stitching. It can seem like a bit of a negative word; something you use when you don’t want to do something. But I have found it has helped me make more time for the things I do want to do.

Get a buddy

In 2021 I joined an intensive online programme and the woman running it encouraged us to find a buddy to go through the programme with. I was attracted to Jen as we seemed to have a lot in common from her post she put up looking for abuddy. Although we lived on opposite sides of the world we agreed to make it work with voice noting each other throughout the 12 weeks. It worked! We both completed the programme on time and formed such a special bond. We continued voice noting for months and months after the programme ended.

You might already know someone in real life who could be your cross stitch buddy (or just crafting buddy) or you could reach out online to someone. Feel free to use my Facebook group but please remember to be cautious when connecting with strangers online.

Join online meet-ups

Inside my membership The Cross Stitch Club, we have regular online meet-ups via Zoom where we just come together and stitch and chat. This gives you at least 1 hour a week of stitching time.

You could also use calls with your stitching buddy if you can’t meet up in person.

If you know a few people who cross stitch you could set up an online group to share your progress. It could be on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp and you can just share photos each day/week of what you have been working on.

Go to a craft club

You could find a local craft group to join and go along to. Check your local library, community centres, hubs, and village halls to see if there are any close by.

If there aren’t any near you, why not start your own? Invite some friends over, even just once a month to do some stitching/crafting together. You could rotate who hosts it each week/month and make it very informal and friendly.

Join a challenge

Challenges can be great for a small, burst of intense cross stitching.

My most recent challenge is the 100-day challenge is a great way to keep you accountable for a long run of stitching. Or there are other challenges out there too such as the 24 hours of cross stitch by @quirksandstitches on Instagram.

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