When Do You Cross Stitch? | S3E34

In this post, I am asking the question when do you cross stitch? And sharing some answers that people shared in my Facebook group.

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When do you cross stitch?

I love talking about planning and routines this time of year and at the bottom of this post I share a few others related to that theme, but it’s always good to do a fresh episode about it.

Time to stitch always comes up as the biggest people problem have when it comes to cross stitch and hobbies in general so I hope these answers give you some ideas and inspiration on when you can cross stitch.

Answers from my Facebook group

Jennifer Schratwieser

“I cross stitch when waiting for appointments, waiting for calls to come in, before work or before bed. Cross stitch helps center me.”

I love that phrase so much; “cross stitch helps center me”.

Cortney Cogburn Smith

“Since I work full time during the week I usually cross stitch at night and on the weekends.”

Karen Wakefield

“Usually at night after the kids have gone to bed.”

Susan Diane Anderson Rodriguez.

“I cross stitch at night while my daughter watches TV before bed, or as a reward for doing housework.”

This is something I do a lot now. If the kids are watching TV I will sit on the couch with them and cross stitch!

Shari Lynn Kilpatrick.

“Midnight cross stitcher here.”

Carla Finlayson

“I cross stitch on an evening mainly, but if I need grounding during a day because of anxiety, then I usually pick it up and do 10 minutes to calm my mind.”

Anxiety is only on the rise, unfortunately, but I love how openly people talk about it now. I used to struggle with it myself, and sometimes a bout will still rise in me every now and then.

Jessica Korthals

“I cross stitch at the same times as Carla! It’s a relaxing way to wind down in the evenings and a helpful grounding technique when my anxiety rears its head.”

“Grounding” is such a great term to use for what cross stitch can do for you if you suffer with anxiety.

Debbie Dancy Bailey

“Same as Carla and Jessica for the same reasons! Evenings and weekends mostly, but it sure helps anxiety and panic attacks to pick up my cross stitch for 10 to 15 minutes. It has been a blessing during this pandemic to be working from home and able to grab my cross stitch to help me calm when needed.”

One silver lining of working from home is that ability to grab your cross stitch whenever you need to. It’s a true blessing!

Jo Davidson

“I tend to cross stitch during the day as natural light is best and it helps me avoid all the housework!”

Patricia Berrett

“Now I am retired I cross stitch during the day.”

Sophie Bunnett.

“I cross stitch as procrastination from uni work, after I come home from work, and sometimes before I start my day.”

Diana Amos Erb

“I’m an early riser – 5:00 am. I try to get my work done early and then I stitch in the afternoon and then evening after supper.”

I LOVE morning stitching; it just doesn’t tend to happen for me much haha!

Monique Meese.

“At night after my kids are in bed or very early in the morning.”

Elise D’Nay Lengel

“I usually cross stitch late into the night after I send the kids to bed.”

Layla Smith

“I cross stitch on my days off after I’ve caught up with housework. But I find it hard to find time to cross stitch since I started working again.”

This is something I found too; when my kids went to school and I started working full time I found I cross stitched a lot less!

Kim Ficiur

“I cross stitch for a while after work if I have the energy. Then I cross stitch as much as possible on the weekends!”

This energy thing is interesting; most people probably think that stitching doesn’t require much energy. But it actually does and sometimes we just don’t have to energy for it, and that’s OK! Lounging in front of the TV is needed sometimes.

Regina Celia Navarro Gomes Akahoshi

“I cross stitch during the day.”

Gwenaelle Schone

“I used to stitch during the evening while my husband was watching football. Now I’m working 200 kilometers from home and living there 4/5 days a week, so I stitch every evening in front of a TV show. I’ve got nothing else to do in my small bedroom, lol. If I’m working the night shift, I stitch all morning before having a nap and going to work…and when I come back home I usually take a WIP with me in case there’s some football on the TV, lol.”

Mary Kay Sartor

“I work full time so I try to do some every evening and more on weekend. Usually evening then too, but stay up later.”

Gracie Cornelius Boissel

“I am new to cross stitch and this site. As I am retired now, I love doing it rather than watch TV during the day. I have completed one of yours from email, Fairy Lights. I am so proud of it!” ~

I think this is the reason crafts took out of much over lockdown; no one wanted to just watch TV all day and needed something to feel productive when they weren’t working.

Dani Michele Beckman

“Evenings and weekends while watching movies in the background or with music playing.” ~

Laura Jarvis

“Daily between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. There’s natural daylight and it is “me” time between all my volunteer commitments done in the morning and dinner and family starting at 4:00. I listen to BBC podcasts as I stitch.” ~

I love this SO much, that Laura takes that time for herself everyday. Imagine if we all gave ourself this time every day. I know it’s not always possible but just think how much better you would feel taking that time.

Susan Whempner.

“I try to stitch every weeknight after dinner. I also stitch as much as I can on Saturday and Sunday, alternating between quilting and cross stitching.”

Sometimes we do have to choose between our favourite hobbies and this is a great way to fit them all in.

Jessica Li.

“I cross stitch during study breaks in the day while I watch shows or YouTube in the background!”

Haven Headley

“While watching TV. I have to be doing something with my hands to pay attention (ADHD).” ~

There is a great podcast called “Motherhood in ADHD” that covers all sorts of topics around ADHD; I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not a mum there are some good topics in there just related to life in general.

Tonya Smith

“Normally in the evening and on the weekends, while I watch TV.” ~

Just think how many of us are all stitching of an evening at the same time!

Sarah Akela Brackenridge.

“I work full-time, so only get time in the evenings during the week. I will often stitch while watching some TV with my son in the evening. Then continue do some more once he goes to bed. I enjoy on the weekends during the day while listening to music or a podcast.” ~

Anna Hobson

“Before bed or on a (rare) free Saturday!”

Saturday afternoon stitching is my idea of heaven!

Beth Jones

“At night when kids are in bed, or when my youngest naps.”

Terri Hall

“I stitch after dinner during the work week for 1-2 hours and on the weekend while watching mindless TV.”

Mindless TV is the best kind when you are stitching so you can focus more on your stitches and counting.

Laura Holt

“As soon as the kids are in bed for a couple of hours every night. It helps me to relax after work, feet up in front of the TV! At the weekend, I stitch all the time at the moment (because there’s nowhere else to go).”

Amy Clark

“Normally in the evening, or when I want to procrastinate.”

Helyn Roberts

“I used to cross stitch many years ago, often in times of waiting or stress, such as when I was studying or revising for exams or awaiting results and needed to switch off. Cross stitch is my mindfulness. Before lockdown I struggled to find time. When my daughter was at uni, I’d stitch in the evenings when she wasn’t home, but I’d also catch up with friends at those times too. Did a couple of good projects though. When lockdown started, I’d already had COVID and was struggling with continuing long COVID health issues, and as a consequence have been medically shielding all year. I embarked on my first ever stitch-a-long as a community thing, wanting to be involved with other people as I was isolating. I found time easier to come by, but energy was in short supply, but I still finished in time. The Christmas stitch-a-long has been a joy. I’m working again now, but from home. I stitch in the evenings and at weekends, put a good film on or watch some trashy TV with my daughter and stitch away. Time is limited, but there’s no going out for me, I’m making progress. And it’s good for my mental health.”

Holly Gipson

“I work full time so mainly evening and weekends. I love to listen to audio books while I stitch, so double relaxation!”

Michele Melvin Sanborn

“Holly’s answer was going to be my response because it is exactly what I do! Being able to combine my two favorite things (embroidery & books) is heaven!”

I love this so much and it’s the same for me that reading and cross stitch are my 2 favourite hobbies and these 2 comments prompted me to try doing this. I’ll update if I do it!

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