5 Day Cross Stitch Hobby Jumpstart

Join this live 5-day challenge and learn to cross stitch in 5 days and have a new hobby for life!

This challenge is perfect for beginners but if you are a cross stitcher already you may enjoy coming to pick up even more tips.

It’s running from 4th – 8th January 2020 and you can get all of your questions answered during the 5 days by me.

Cross Stitch Challenge Schedule

Day 1

Tools, materials and words… oh my! Learn all about what you need for cross stitch and what some of the lingo means.

Day 2

Learn how to read a cross stitch pattern plus how to actually do a cross stitch, including starting and tying off.

Day 3

On day 3 I am sharing all of my favourite hints and tips with you to help make it even easier!

Day 4

Learn how to fit a new hobby into your days and make cross stitch a habit and I will be answering any of your questions.

Day 5

Learn some ways you can finish off your projects including on the most modern, popular ways; framing in a hoop!


Do I have to show up live?

No, if you can’t make it live you get access to the replays!

Do I have to be on Facebook?

Nope. It’s good to have Facebook to join the pop-up group but you get a link to all the replays via email.

How long do I have access to the group for?

Right now I am planning on closing the group 10 days after the challenge, but I will see how long you all need first before closing.

Is it free?

Yes! You can join totally for free; you may just have to buy some supplies so you can follow along.

I can’t wait to see you in there! Join now.

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