5 Finishing Ideas for Christmas Cross Stitch | S3E33

In this episode, I am sharing 5 finishing ideas for your Christmas cross stitch designs.

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5 Finishing Ideas for Christmas Cross Stitch Designs

1. A Santa treat mat

This is such a fun project for you to stitch and the kids to enjoy at Christmas! You can get this pattern plus the class on turning it into a mat for 25% off here.

cross stitch christmas mat with bells

2. Frame in a flexi hoop

I love using a rubber, flexi hoop at Christmas especially because they’re great for hanging straight up on the tree; you don’t necesserily need twine or ribbon to hang it up. Plus you can get tiny, 3 inch ones!

You can get Flexi hoops from Love Crafts here*.

And you can get this Polar Bear PDF pattern in my Etsy store here.


3. Make it into a hanging

I stitched these little mittens last year using a pattern from the Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine and as they were quick make I didn’t back them. I just cut them out and used fray check on the edges and 12 months later they’re still holding up fine.

I love Fray Check; it’s a great tool to have in your cross stitch stash! You can get it on Amazon here*.

cross stitch mittens

4. Make a Christmas bunting

I call this project bunting and garland interchangably, but this is such a fun make. I haven’t done a Christmas one … yet but you can check out a tutorial for a Summer garland/bunting here.

finsihed cross stitch ice cream garland

5. Make a Christmas stocking

Not something I have done myself yet, but it’s definitely on my list! You can fully stitch the whole front of the stocking and then turn it into a stocking or you can buy one that’s already done and stitch directly on it. If you need a tutorial on stitching on a stocking I have a tutorial for stitching on clothes here that would work for a stocking too.

Or you can check out a beautiful design from Satsuma Street for a full stocking pattern here.


You can also make a cross stitch advent calendar! In the Countdown to Christmas Stitch-a-Long, I teach you how to do this as well as sharing the pattern with you broken down into weekly parts. You can follow along with the layout or download everything and stitch as fast as you want.

You can join the stitch-a-long at any time here.

countdown to christmas stitch a long finished

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