Your Biggest Cross Stitch Struggles Right Now – Part 1 | S3E62

In this episode, I am sharing some solutions to your biggest cross stitch struggles right now. These struggles come from a recent Instagram post I did so if you ever want your question or struggle answered make sure you’re following me over there. @hannahhandmakes

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Stash and project struggles

“My biggest struggle is trying to keep my stash under control!😂 Go to fairs etc and can’t resist buying more when I have loads to do, also want to do every SAL I hear about.” @vamvac

When you get a new pattern try and find your own colour palettes and materials using what you already have in your stash. I have 20 DMC colour palettes in this free guide.

Organise your projects so you know what you have and don’t feel guilty about having so many; you might stitch them one day. If you know you won’t stitch it then you could always resell your unused projects on Facebook, ebay etc.

For the stitch along’s just know that most of them you can still join at a future date or you can download the finished pattern to just stitch yourself. But I do get it; it might not feel totally the same as joining in live.

I have something exciting coming soon that might help you; it’s called the Cross Stitch Club so keep your eye out for details on that.

“My biggest struggle is not finishing a WIP before starting another…. ” @allywagrex

Sometimes this happens and I’ve just learned to accept it about myself. Almost every stitcher I know does this so you are definitely not alone. I now stitch what I’m in the mood for and don’t feel bad anymore about leaving some. I usually end up going back around to them anyway.

Think about your wardrobe and how many different tops you have. They’re all tops, but they make you feel differently. Sometimes you’re not in the mood to wear a particular top but it doesn’t mean you’re never going to wear it again. It just stays hanging there waiting for you to go back around it to. It’s the same with your cross stitch podcasts.

“Hello, my biggest struggle is to which project I start first and find time for it” @emyackles

To decide what project to start first ask yourself some questions like “what am I in the mood for?” “what season is it?” “is this project for a particular thing/celebration/gift that has a timeline?”

For example if it’s an autumn design you might want to stitch it in the summer so it’s finished and ready for the autumn season. If it’s a wedding gift you’re going to want to make sure it’s finished before the big day, etc. Or just choose the one you are most excited about!

“My biggest struggle is having too many on the go! I like doing smaller designs and finishing them, then changing them up with other designs. I’m loving the sense of achievement from doing the current mind and soul SAL ❤️” @adventuresof_sammy94

I’m exactly the same. I have larger ones I stitch when I’m in the mood and smaller ones for that quick finish. Although I prefer starting a project more than finishing, I do also really enjoy a quick finish and that sense of satisfaction. SALs are great for keeping you on track and keeping you motivated so you actually finish a design. Sounds like you solved your own problem Sammy!

My biggest struggle is where do I start and keep on track with what I have done. Not going to lie I would love to actually complete a cross stitch . I have a fantastic one which I have started but I feel defeated, maybe it’s too difficult for me. I have done little ones but this is a cat up a tree would desperately like to finish it. @fentoncat

Print your pattern and use a pencil or highlighter to mark it off. Or if you’re using your phone to read the pattern use mark up tool to mark it off.

You can also download my free pattern sheets and break your pattern down into chunks to help keep you on track. You can make it into your own little SAL. For example, part one is the cat’s head, part two is the body, part three is the legs, etc.

And just know that big projects aren’t for everyone. I don’t stitch many; I much prefer smaller projects because I like to keep them simple. So if this pattern really isn’t working for you please don’t feel defeated because cross stitch is meant to be fun and maybe you could find a similar but smaller design.

“Finishing one project before I start another and making the back NOT a giant mess!!!!” @seamonkeymommy

As I’ve said, don’t feel bad about starting one before finishing another – it’s totally fine. But if you wanted to try and make sure you do that, then like I shared above, chunk the pattern down so you finish on time. Give yourself a start and finish date for your stitching just like a SAL runs. Give yourself that bit of structure.

But having multiple projects on the go, for me anyway, keeps it fun and not like work. When you think about work and school life there is a lot of structure and deadlines and I think this is why we feel like we “should” be finishing one project before starting another. But this is our hobby at the end of the day and shouldn’t make us feel stressed out.

Like I always say – enjoy the process!

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  1. Loved listening to the podcast and hearing you respond to my comment. Felt like we were having a conversation! Definitely enjoy the Q and A style of podcast with real problems and real solutions.

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