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In this episode, I am sharing something I do every year; take a Christmas Self Care Day. I also chat about my brand new programme – Moon Cycle Self Care which closes its doors tomorrow!

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Self-care is important every day and I believe we should be taking the time for ourselves every single day. But Christmas is a particularly stressful and busy time so this might not always be possible.

At a time when we need more time for ourselves to de-stress we tend to have less.

Enter the Christmas Self Care Day. This is one whole day to yourself to do whatever you want, eat whatever you want and try to relax as much as you can.

I do this every year and I love it so so much. So here are some tips to get the most out of the day.

How to take a Christmas Self Care Day

If you want to download the free planning sheet now you can print it off and fill it in as you listen. Download it here.

Find a day

Find a day to take your Christmas Self Care Day and book it off work if you need to or just schedule it into your plans.

Make sure you have no other events on that day or anything other than your normal routine. You may also want to check where you are in your menstrual cycle. My original day was on the 13th December until I realised that was right at the start of my period so I moved it.

Make it a little bit in the future so you can get excited for it, book it off work and plan it.

No one else needs to know why you’re booking this day off; just keep it to yourself, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

I tend to do mine in December, before the kids finish for school.


Next you need to decide where you will have your Christmas Self Care Day. I always do mine at home because that’s where I’m most comfortable and peaceful.

But you could go to a cafe or out for the day somewhere – it doesn’t have to be done at home.

Just choose the place that will make you feel the least stressed and the most peaceful.


The reason I want you to decide all of this before is because you don’t want to make any decisions on the day.

Making decisions is stressful! And so we want to make all the decisions beforehand so on the actual day it’s as stress-free as possible.

Decide what to do

Next is the fun part! Deciding what you are doing to do on your Christmas Self Care Day.

I personally choose a Christmas themed cross stitch project to stitch, colour in a Christmas colouring book, choose a book to read or listen to (this year is Harry Potter on audible) and I love to wrap presents!

Then choose what you might want in the background. I love watching a Christmas film (Bad Moms Christmas) and listening to Christmas music, so I make sure Alexa is in the room ready,

Decide what to wear

What will you wear? This is one less decision to make on the day; you don’t want to waste any time deciding what to wear or looking for your clothes/PJs. So lay them out the night before or get them ready to get changed back into after the school run.

I usually wear a lounge set, but basically, I recommend going for anything comfortable.

Decide what to eat

What will you eat? How many meals will you need? Will you get food delivered or go to a drive thu? Or will you cook?

I enjoy having a big breakfast on my Christmas Self Care Day and I usually get it delivered.

Also, get some of your favourite Christmas snacks in (hide them until the day if needed). Don’t worry about your diet today, scrap that for today and eat what you want. I tend to do for some chocolate and some posh crisps. Maybe some crackers, etc.

Decide what to drink

What will you drink? Make sure you have it in ready if it’s something you don’t usually drink.

Maybe it’s some extra special hot chocolate, sparkling water, or some Baileys.

I will be having a Christmas coffee, a hot chocolate with a splash of Amaretto and then some nice flavoured water.

Make sure you grab the stuff you need so you’re not running to the shop on your Christmas Self Care Day.

Extra tips

Tidy up the day before. I am doing mine on a Tuesday so I have the weekend to tidy/clean and the Monday to catch up on a bit of work so that by Tuesday I’m not worrying about much.

I don’t want you to be thinking of tidying up on your day. So just run through the room the night before, plump your pillows, clear the sides etc.

And then you might want some extras ready that you might want. I love candles and wax melts so I will grab some Christmas scents ready. And I love getting a blanket ready and get the pillow off my bed to use on the couch so I’m extra comfy. Maybe some hand warmers as well. Anything to make you cosy, warm and comfortable.

To help you plan your day you can download this free printable to get everything planned ready,

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