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In this episode, I am sharing day 1 of the 10 minute cross stitch challenge. You can listen to the episode below to help keep you on track with the challenge or keep scrolling to read the tips from today.

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10 Minute Cross Stitch Challenge: 10 minutes vs 5 stitches a day

10 minutes a day

I have spoken a lot about the power of stitching 10 minutes a day. I have a video on Instagram diving into this in more detail which you can watch here.

You don’t need big chunks a day to get your stitching done. You can take 10 minutes during a small gap in your day and if you have a few small gaps, you can end up with 30 minutes of stitching a day, if not more. Those small 10 minutes all add up. You might have 10 minutes in the morning, another 10 minutes in the afternoon and then another 10 minutes during the evening.

Telling yourself to find 10 minutes seems much more possible than trying to find an empty half an hour.

I still think you deserve a longer, uninterrupted block of time for yourself but I know this is not always possible for everyone, especially trying to find it every single day. So just aim for 10 minutes and see what happens.

5 stitches a day

Joyce, from the Cross Stitch Club told me about a challenge she set herself to stitch 5 cross stitches a day and I was intrigued. She started this because she was doing a lot of knitting and she found it hard to come back to cross stitch because the needle was so much smaller and it took a while to get back into the rhythm.

So to help with this, she decided to do at least 5 cross stitches every day to keep up with the movements of cross stitch and keep being used to the needle size. If she just did a little cross stitch a day it wouldn’t take her as long to get back into the rhythm of cross stitching after knitting.

5 stitches a day doesn’t sound like a lot but I think this is such an interesting challenge. Joyce shared that if she gets in bed and realises she hasn’t done her 5 stitches for that day, she will get back up and do them. And of course, it’s easier to get back up just to stitch 5 cross stitches than it is to get up and do 10 minutes of stitching.

And other times she sits down to do her 5 stitches and ends up carrying on for longer.

I think this is a great challenge if you have lost your motivation a little or need something to get back into stitching; just aim for 5 stitches a day. Or pick whatever number you want; 10 stitches, 5 stitches, etc.

Another good thing is that you just have to pick up your project and count 5. You don’t need anything else like a timer or a tracker, etc which adds a little extra step and effort.

If 5 stitches don’t seem like a lot of stitching, ask yourself if you are stitching any stitches right now? 5 stitches a day is more than not stitching at all so you will make some progress on your projects.

Either way, today’s point is to challenge yourself to do a little stitching every day.

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