Stitching With Light Effects Thread | S1E8

In this episode I talk about week 5 of the stitch along, I share some tips to help you stitch with light effects thread and this weeks pattern of the week is a Christmas one! This is what you will find:

  • Week 5 of the Christmas stitch along we are stitching the candy canes and chatting about where we do our cross stitching and other crafts and I tell you exactly where I am up to with it.
  • I tell you what light effects thread is and share some tips on how to make stitching with it a dream rather than a nightmare.
  • The Christmas pattern of the week is from Stitchrovia and is called “NOEL”. Listen now to hear all about the details In the pattern.

Key links and resources:

  • My Facebook group where the stitch along is happening.
  • SewandSo and Cloud Craft where I usually buy my Thread Heaven thread conditioner.
  • This blog post where you can watch a video of tips for stitching with light effects thread.
  • This weeks pattern of the week is from Emma Congdon and you can find it here.
  • iTunes store where you can subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode.

Thanks so much for listening! If you have and feedback or comments about the show please comment below or get in touch at

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