Introducing Series Two | S2E1

In this episode I chat all about what you can expect in series two of The Cross Stitch Podcast.

In the episode:

  • I talk a little bit about what the podcast is all about; simplified cross stitch. I don’t chat about complicated cross stitch because I don’t really like or have time for complicated cross stitch.
  • The podcast is moving from weekly to monthly episodes. Each episode will now go live on the second Monday of the month, so episode two will be available on the 15th February 2018. I have done this so I can put more effort and content into each episode, making them longer and hopefully more beneficial to you.
  • I ask you, the listeners and followers, for your own stories, experiences and recommendations around cross stitch and crafts in general. Why do you cross stitch? What got you started? How do you find the time to create? If you have anything you would like me to read out on the show please get in touch at, contact me via social media or leave a review on iTunes.
  • I chat a little bit about me and how I got into cross stitch. I tell you how I used to be very academic until I had my first baby and got back into hand sewing and cross stich, and since then I have found the time to create or craft every single day. (This is a little hint of what you can expect to hear about in next months episode – finding time to cross stitch). I go through how I started the business and a quick run through if its journey so far.

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