7 Modern Cross Stitch Christmas Decorations From 7 Awesome Small Businesses

As the title may suggest this is a mini gift guide to 7 modern cross stitch Christmas decorations that I have come across on Etsy and Instagram from 7 awesome small business’. And yes, I included myself because why the hell not and I happen to think my little business is pretty awesome.

As I am writing this it is Black Friday and Small Business Saturday is just around the corner (the day this post went live). That Christmas feeling is probably settling in nicely now; a mix of excitement, magic and a little bit of panic, so I thought today would be a great day to not only share some Christmas decorations but to celebrate the 7 business’ behind them. So, grab a warm drink, relax and enjoy these fabulous products…

1. A Cross Stitch Christmas Cracker


No making involved for you here, these Cross Stitch Christmas Crackers arrive already stitched for you, ready to fill with the treats of your choice. And the thing I love most about these? They are re-usable! Great for your pocket and even better for the environment, turn the simple Christmas cracker into a family decoration you can get out every year.

2. A Cross Stitch 3D Star Kit


This Cross Stitch Star is really something! I have personally not seen anything else like this before and I think it’s such a lovely product. This you will have to stitch yourself, but the kits come with everything you need, including pre-cut templates. Once finished, it will add such a homely and traditional look to your room.

3. Stitch-a-bauble Kit


If you are looking for the absolute modern and alternative cross stitch Christmas decoration this year, I think the stitch-a-bauble from Stitchsperation might be it. It comes with a full alphabet for you to personalise your bauble and the hang it on the tree (or use it as gift tags). I mentioned these on the podcast and couldn’t not include them in this gift guide – they’re fabulous! 

4. Merry Christmas Embroidery Kit


Mixing it up a bit, Oh Sew Bootiful’s Merry Christmas Embroidery Kit uses cross stitches in the design but instead of stitching it on aida and following a pattern, the design is printed on red cotton which you then stitch over. 

5. Let It Snow Cross Stitch Sign


Possibly my favourite out of these 7 (yes, even above my own), I love the pieces from Cotton Clara, and this Let It Snow Kit doesn’t disappoint. The only problem is trying to decide between red, grey or black thread. I can just see this hanging in a kitchen, usually the most neglected room for Christmas decorations. UPDATE: I bought the red kit and it does indeed hang in my kitchen at Christmas.

6. Cross Stitch Heart Gift Tag Kit


How cute are these gift tags? Although slightly similar to the Stitchsperation, I think it’s different enough to include both of them and this business is based in Canada, so may be better if you over the pond postage wise.

I would love to put these on all of my gifts; I am someone who goes all out on wrapping, but I do try to keep the environment in mind and just like the cracker, these can be reused! (I totally wouldn’t feel bad about asking for these back after the recipient had opened).

7. Christmas Reindeer Stitch Kit


And my own Christmas Reindeer Cross Stitch Kit. A quick and easy stitch over a holiday weekend, this Reindeer isn’t just to make the kids smile but will delight the whole family. He is even small enough to hang on the tree!

If you buy any of these modern cross stitch decorations please come and let me know. Or just let me know your favourites! Are you like me and loving the “Let It Snow” sign or are the crackers which are already stitched more up your street?

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