7 Modern Cross Stitch Christmas Decorations From 7 Awesome Small Businesses

As the title may suggest this is a mini gift guide to 7 modern cross stitch Christmas decorations that I have come across on Etsy and Instagram from 7 awesome small business’. And yes, I included myself because why the hell not and I happen to think my little business is pretty awesome.

This is an updated post for 2020, with new awesome businesses and new modern cross stitch Christmas decorations. That Christmas feeling is probably settling in nicely now; a mix of excitement, magic and a little bit of panic, so I thought today would be a great day to not only share some Christmas decorations but to celebrate the 7 business’ behind them. So, grab a warm drink, relax and enjoy these fabulous products…

1. Cross Stitch Christmas Baubles Kit

Cross Stitch Baubles

These Cross Stitch Christmas Baubles arrive in kit form for you to make, with any initial. Each kit makes 1 decoration and comes in a choice of red or white, with alternate coloured thread, and will come with ribbon for you to hang your baubles once complete. They are perfect for craft lovers and sewing savvies, or even as a different Christmas craft project for a child.

2. Cross Stitch Hanging Bells

Hanging bells decorations

These Cross Stitch Hanging Bells will make a beautiful addition to any set of Christmas decorations. The bells are a lovely scandi design with traditional colours and come in a set of two. They are already stitched for you, so can be hung as soon as they arrive and will will add a fresh and festive touch to your home’s holiday decor!

3. Embroidery Christmas Wreath Kit

Christmas wreath kit

Although this Christmas Wreath Kit from Oh Sew Bootiful is embroidery and not cross stitch, it was too beautiful to not give it a mention. The kit is for you to stitch yourself, but comes with everything you will need. The design includes holly, poincettia, mistletoe, berries, fern and pine leaves as well as script, with 8 different stiches each with illustrated stitch instructions. Even better is that that the design is pre-printed, in colour, onto the fabric, so there is no need for tracing!

4. Ringing Bells Cross Stitch Kit

Ringing Bells cross stitch Kit

Next is one of my own brand new kits for Christmas 2020, my Ringing Bells Cross Stitch Kit. The kit comes in two colour palettes for you to choose from, retro and cosy, and comes with everything you need to finish the hoop.

5. Gonk Christmas Cushion Kit

Gonk Christmas cushion kit

A slightly different and much bigger Christmas project, are these cute Christmas Gonk Cushion Covers. The kit comes with everything you need to create the design, for you to then sew onto a cushion cover. There are two variations to choose from, or purchase them both for a discount. Once complete, these cute pillows will add a rustic touch to your living room or bedroom during the festive season. This kit dispatches from the Ukraine, but im sure you will agree that they are worth the extra wait!

6. Cross Stitch Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House Cross Stitch kit

How amazing is this Gingerbread House Cross Stitch Kit! I have never seen anything quite like this before and I think it would make a lovely addition to any set of Christmas or winter decorations. The kit comes with everything you need to finish the house. It dispatches from Canada so there is a few weeks wait, but the shop offers free postage within Canada, so perfect if you are on that side of the pond!

7. Christmas Reindeer Stitch Kit


And my own Christmas Reindeer Cross Stitch Kit. A quick and easy stitch over a holiday weekend, this Reindeer isn’t just to make the kids smile but will delight the whole family. He is even small enough to hang on the tree!

If you buy any of these modern cross stitch decorations please come and let me know. Or just let me know your favourites! Are you like me and loving the “Let It Snow” sign or are the crackers which are already stitched more up your street?

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