A Christmas Stitch Along – Deck The Halls

Christmas Stitch Along - Deck The Halls, 1st October - 26th November 2017.

The idea

I recently had the idea to run a Christmas Stitch Along, and promptly popped a post up in my Facebook group to see if people thought it was a good idea – and they did!

Literally the very next day I had a mini interview for Cross Stitch Magazine and told them about the stitch along and then later thought “OMG what have I just done??” I hadn’t planned this at all, it was still just an idea and now it was going to be in print that it was actually happening. Cue panic stations!

However, once the initial panic had wore off I knew that this could be something wonderful. The only thing better than cross stitching is cross stitching along with other people.

How it works

I’m not going to lie, I have never even taken part in a stitch along, let alone ran one. But after a bit of Googling, Pinteresting (totally a word, right?) and research I’m feeling confident and excited! So here is how it will all work and what you need to do if you want to join in.

First of all, if you want to see the Deck The Halls pattern we will be stitching, you get a free one by signing up to my newsletter. You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of the page, or there should have been a slightly annoying, but pretty useful box that has popped up while you have been here. Getting the pattern first means that you will know if the hoop is something that you want to make. This is a brand new and exclusive design so you won’t find it anywhere else (although there is a tiny sneak peek on the photo above). It is fabulously Christmassy but if you’re not too keen or the colours don’t match your theme just get in touch and we can try and work something out. This also means that if you already have lots of stitchy supplies you can still join in the stitch along without buying a kit.

So, you like the pattern and want to join in the stitch along? The next thing to do is come and join my Facebook group! You can join here. This is where the stitch along will run and (hopefully) everyone taking part will be in there. This makes it so much easier to chat as we’re going along and of course share our progress! And this is also where I will be launching the sale of the kits.

On the 1st September the Deck The Halls Cross Stitch Kit will be available to pre order. The only way to buy this kit will be in the Facebook group and it will have a huge 30% off just for you! It will go up for sale to everyone else some time in October, after the stitch along has started.

On, or around, the 14th September I will be shipping the kits. This gives our magical Christmas Elves plenty of time to deliver them before the stitch along starts (if you are outside the UK our Elves will leave a little earlier).

And then the fun begins! The stitch along will start on Sunday 1st October and will run for 8 weeks, finishing on the 26th November. Each week I will be breaking the pattern down into sections for us so we can try and stay in sync and finish together. Of course, life happens and some of us may fall behind and others might get so into it they stitch a bit extra. This is obviously OK! The point is to relax and enjoy stitching together, not stress over what section you’re up to. I will always be a week or 2 ahead to make sure the pattern looks good before you stitch too.

During the 8 weeks I will also be posting extra things up such as introductions so we can get to know each other, a Christmas playlist and a Christmas movie list. I will also be sharing your photos (with your permission) across my social media and we will have our own hashtag #HHMstitchalong for when we are sharing on our own profiles.

Just to add, if you have already bought our Elf kit or you prefer that one, you can still join in with that one. It won’t match perfectly with the prompts I have for Deck The Halls but it will still work quite well and you can already buy that one here!

I am so, so excited for this and I hope you are too! If you have any questions please just get in touch. You can email me at hannahhandmakes@gmail.com or message me across any of my social media channels.

Hannah x

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