Countdown To Christmas Cross Stitch-a-Long 2020 GRAPHIC

The Countdown to Christmas 2020 Cross Stitch-a-Long

The Countdown to Christmas Cross Stitch-a-Long (SAL) 2020 is coming and this time we are making an advent calendar!

On the 3rd August 2020 at 12pm BST the SAL will be available to pre-order, so why not pin this page to come back to then? And be sure to set a reminder because there will be a big discount that first week.

The SAL has now launched and you can join here!

You can listen to me talking about the SAL below or keep scrolling to read.

countdown to christmas planner

The Countdown to Christmas SAL details

This design measures around 13 x 10.5 inches and the “boxes” measure around 1.5 inches but you can make these bigger if you would like (I tell you how once we start).

The threads

Usually, for my SALs I offer 2 palettes of threads, but that didn’t quite work for this design as there are so many colours already in it.

But there are some beautiful threads used in this design including the glitter, Etoile threads, and a little metallic all in the traditional Christmas colours you would expect.

I do give you different palette options though so you can match past Christmas SALs I have ran or to just try something a little different.

You get all of these threads in the full kit which you can read more about below.


The fabric

For this SAL you will need 2 pieces of fabric and I recommend 1 piece red and 1 piece white in 16 count.

This is what you will get if you purchase a kit with your SAL, but if you are buying your own supplies, of course, you can choose whatever colours you would like!

If you don’t want to make an advent calendar, but just want a sampler instead then you only need 1 piece. I tell you all the measurements etc inside the SAL.

countdown to christmas hoop

The patterns

Usually, I send the patterns out via email but this year I have found a better way to share them and that’s through Teachable.

Teachable is a platform that hosts online courses and workshops, but the layout works great for SALs too and all of the parts of the pattern are in the same place for you!

It’s quite simple to use, you just need to create an account and log in each week to either download the pattern or read it right inside Teachable. The photo below shows you the layout inside.

countdown sal screenshot

The pattern will be made live every Sunday at around 8 am BST. It’s split into small manageable parts and is a full-colour pattern with symbols.

It has a few elements brought in from past SALs so it co-ordinates if you have stitched any of my others before, and of course it some new parts too.

Countdown To Christmas Cross Stitch-a-Long 2020 by Hannah Hand Makes

Join the S.A.L.

Join us for this year’s S.A.L. and make your very own advent calendar to hang up and enjoy over the holidays.

FAQs about the Countdown to Christmas SAL

What is a Stitch-a-Long?

A stitch-a-long is an event where we all stitch the same pattern together over a set number of weeks for a certain length of time. So for the Countdown to Christmas Stitch-a-Long we are stitching together for around 9 weeks.

I go into more detail on this blog post if you need any more details on how SALs work.

What do you get in this SAL?

If you choose just the PDFs they will be released weekly starting Sunday 27th September and there will be a list of the supplies you need a month before we start.

Once you join the SAL there will be a link to purchase the kit too, if you would like one. The kits will include the materials needed to make an advent calendar, plus a few helpful tools as well. You will also have to option to add on bags and needle minders etc too.

Is the Countdown to Christmas SAL for a beginner?

There is a bit of backstitching in it but other than that it’s all full cross stitches for this one. The only problem you might have if you are a beginner is making the advent calendar but I am keeping this tutorial simple. You will be able to hand stitch it or use a glue gun to make it a bit quicker.

Can I see the SAL before I buy it?

If you would like to see the full design before you purchase just get in touch and I can show you, but I do ask that you keep it to yourself for those who like the mystery element.

When do we start stitching?

We start stitching on Sunday 27th September 2020 and we finish 29th November 2020, just in time to hang it up and use.

How does the ordering process work?

Once you click to join, you will be taken to checkout at Teachable, where the SAL is hosted. The discount will already be applied for you; no code necessary!

Please note, if you are in the E.U. you will have a little bit of extra VAT added on for the digital tax download tax laws.

You can then choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. The SAL is priced in $ but your payment provider will convert it for you if you are paying in a different currency. (If you would prefer to pay in £ I can do that but unfortunately, you can’t use PayPal to checkout, which is the reason I price in $).

You can also make an account with Teachable, you just need your name and email and then you can set a password later. This is how you can log in and access your SAL whenever you want.

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