5 More Finishing Ideas for Your Cross Stitch Project

In this post, I am sharing 5 more finishing ideas for your cross stitch project.

I have another, older post that I wrote with 5 different ideas in:

  1. A cross stitch lampshade
  2. A canvas frame
  3. Cross stitch on clothes
  4. A cross stitch banner
  5. A cross stitch mug cosy

You can head here to read about those ideas too.

Finishing Ideas for Your Cross Stitch Project

1. A Cross Stitch Bookmark

This is one of my favourite makes of 2020. probably because it’s so easy and quick and you know I love those kinds of projects. But it’s also great for using up scraps of aida and you don’t need many tools or materials to make one.


The type of bookmark I made was a corner one so it sits on the corner pages of your book. I actually got the idea because we saw kids paper ones on Pinterest and I made some princess ones with my 3-year-old. Then I thought I would try with cross stitch. It took a few goes but I share 2 ways to make them. One is with a sewing machine and the other is not.


And they can actually double up as a little gift card pouch if you change the layout from the top corner to the bottom.

2. Cross Stitch Rocket Wall Hanging

This is something I now have up in my 6-year-olds room but I used the design from the 2020 Galaxy Stitch-a-Long.


I basically got some black felt, cut out a rocket shape from red glitter felt and glued everything together. Yes, I use a glue gun on my aida. I’ve never had a problem with it changing the colour or anything, but obviously be careful and if you have a good sewing machine you can use one. Mine wouldn’t go through the glitter felt as well as the other layers.

3. A Cross Stitch Storage Hoop

Ahh, I love this one. I used to make fabric storage/pocket hoops back at the start of Hannah Hand Makes. I love hanging them on the wall to store pens, rulers scissors etc in.

hoop hung up
Mine has a lot more than this in now!

I have lots already hanging around my home and I was thinking hmm why don’t I turn the front pocket into a cross stitch design? So that’s what I did.

And I also added some felt flowers on and share a video on how to make them in the tutorial post. You can also find the pattern I used for this hoop for free on that post too.

4. A Cross Stitch Clock

The other day my 6-year-old comes over and asks to look at the back of my cross stitch clock at where the battery goes. So I showed him and he was like ” but how did you do that, you should be on the T.V. showing how you made that”. It was so cute and really what better praise?!


Again, this was another one with lots of testing. I had the design on my dining room table with the clock hands on top and every hour I would go and check to make sure it was actually showing the right time.

But I love it now. It’s a bit of an autumny type of pattern; I meant to make a summery one too but not had a chance for that yet. I like to swap out the wall decor in my home as seasons change, including my clock.

5. A Cross Stitch Advent Calendar

My kids are allergic to dairy so advent calendars are not only a pain to find but if you do find one they’re about 3x the price of a non-dairy calendar. So making an advent calendar was so fun for them and I filled it up with lego pieces.

Also, it’s reusable! I love anything reusable – I’m that person who used cloth nappies.

This tutorial is actually inside a stitch along from Christmas 2020; it was too much to share in photos. You can still join the SAL though at any time though.

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  1. This is perfect! I was looking for a simple cross stitch project for my book-loving friend so a bookmark is such a great idea… I can’t wait to start!

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