8 Cross Stitch Books You Can Gift This Christmas | S3E29

In this episode, I am sharing 8 cross stitch books that you can gift this Christmas. Cross stitch books make great gifts for the stitcher in your life, or you can use the books yourself to stitch gifts for your loved ones.

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You can listen to the episode below or keep scrolling to read the post and find all of these great cross stitch books. Just click on the titles to head over to Amazon or write them down to find at your local bookstore.

8 Cross Stitch Books You Can Gift this Christmas

99 Problems But a Stitch Aint One by  Genevieve Brading*

This is one of the first cross stitch books that I bought and I love it. Full of attitude and a little bit of swearing my favourite pattern is “I’m sorry for what I did when I was hangry”. Anyone else get a bit hangry every now and then?

Cross Stitch for the soul by Emma Congdon*

The designs in this book are perfect for your mum, nan, or a friend who needs some positivity. Some of the inspirational quotes in this book are: “Believe in yourself” and “Every day may not be good, but there is some good in every day”. The stitches are simple enough but the designs overall are quite large… with lots of pink!

Feminist Cross Stitch by Stephanie Rohr*

Great for the feminist in your life this cross stitch books has a bit of politics and a bit of sass. The designs are simple but bold and include things like “Strong women” and “Smash the patriarchy”.

101 Christmas Minis by Holly DeFount*

The designs in this book are traditional, almost vintage Christmas cross stitch patterns in mini form. You can use them as small decorations, in cards or put them together to create a large sampler. I think this book would be great as a Secret Santa gift.

Lit Stitch by Book Riot*

So many cross stitchers also love to read (myself included) so this book is perfect for your loved one who reads and stitches… maybe that’s even yourself! My favourite pattern in this book is “treat your shelf”.

Cross Stitch to Calm by Leah Lintz*

The cross stitch designs in this book are simple and repetitive. They are patterns for the act of stitching, rather than to hang up, which I love. This book would be perfect for someone who has a stressful life and needs a way to unwind and maybe a nudge to get started in cross stitch.

Cross Stitch Christmas by  Hélène Le Berre

I just ADORE the patterns in this book. They are delicate, detailed and almost whimsical. They do have a lot of backstitching though so is probably more suited to someone who is experienced in cross stitch. I just love how this book shows that you can create beautiful pieces of art with cross stitch.

Improper Cross Stitch by  Haley Pierson-Cox*

This book is a definite niche with cats drinking wine and gnomes with their bums out. But this is a great cross stitch book for that friend that likes things a little naughty.

However, they’re not all improper; there are a few like “Talk nerdy to me” with games consoles and a robot pattern which makes this a great book for both men and women in my opinion. Most cross stitch books are aimed at women (of course men can like the designs in there too!) but this one has a few fun ones for men. Or you could stitch the design and give the finished one to the man in your life whether that’s husband, brother or dad.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these 8 cross stitch books that you can gift this Christmas and that it gave you an idea or 2 for presents this year.

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8 Cross Stitch Books You Can Gift This Christmas

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