Hobbies I’m Planning This Christmas Season | S3E91

In this episode, I am sharing hobbies I’m planning this Christmas season to help keep me calm and stress-free.

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Hobbies I’m Planning This Christmas

The two hobbies that I do almost every day are cross stitch and reading and I will still carry those on throughout Christmas. But each season I like to add in some different hobbies that are exciting me right now or I just enjoy doing in that particular season.

1. Cross Stitch

As I have already said, cross stitch is a hobby I do almost every day. But this season I want to make sure I finish 4 reusable cross stitch crackers and finish the matching napkins that I started last year.

I have already made one cracker and napkin so I’ve started, just not quite finished yet. If I try and do 1 of each a week I should finish them in time to have them on the table this year. I am sharing the reusable cracker tutorial inside the Cross Stitch Club in December.

cross stitch cracker hobby this christmas

2. Reading

I got in a bit of a reading rut last season which I will talk about in the next book update episode I do, so I have a lot of catching up to do these next couple of months if I want to hit my 100 books goal.

I don’t want to read just for the sake of reading; I want to enjoy the book. But I do want to ramp up my reading time a little. I think the way to do this is with audiobooks. I have almost finished 2 in 3 days and if I use my library I know I can listen to a lot. And of course, I can listen while stitching my crackers.

reading book hobby this christmas

3. Baking

I love baking at Christmas. I don’t do it a lot the rest of the year, just the odd cake here and there. But during this season I bake much more. I have Grinch cookies ready to bake this weekend with the kids after the tree has been put up. I will make shortbread that the kids can decorate one afternoon.

The thing I’m most look forward to though is baking my white chocolate and cranberry cookies. I make this an experience. I wait until the kids are in bed, I put the film “Holidate” on and I take my time making sure I enjoy this whole process. I also make a big batch of these because I usually give them out to people with their presents. I have a big bunch of Christmas bags and ties to put them in. I’m already getting excited thinking about it.

cookies and christmas tree

Another thing I want to try and bake this year is a Yule Log. I haven’t ever made one myself and I really want to try it. I’ve always been too worried about not being able to roll it up, but I’ve watched enough Bake Off now to think I might be able to do it. We’ll see.

4. Drawing/sketching/colouring in

I love to draw this time of year; there’s so much fun stuff you can doodle. I also have a Christmas colouring in book that I enjoy getting out this time of year.

Something I got into last year and will continue this year is drawing on glass jars with paint pens. Not only is the process fun, they look so cute once they’re finished! You can use them to put gifts in or lights in or do what I do and I store my hot chocolate powder and marshmallows in them.

glass jar with branches on

5. Photography

About 6 years ago I got a proper camera as a gift and I loved it. But recently I’ve barely used it. I charged the battery last week and realised I hadn’t taken a photo with it in over a year.

So this season I want to take it out with me when we go on days out. I want to take more photos of the kids while they’re still young enough to let me.

And also just take photos of nature and what’s around me. I live in the beautiful countryside and this time of year is my favourite; you can actually go out when the sun is setting and watch it because it’s not too late.

I just want to capture more moments and put some intention into it. I think a camera helps you do that more than a phone camera does.

camera with photo of sea

I hope this inspires you to try some new hobbies this season and think about how you can make this season even more enjoyable for you!

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