How to Frame Your Small Cross Stitch Design in 7 Easy Steps

In this post, I am going to share 7 easy steps on how to frame your cross stitch.

I share 2 methods below; both are pretty quick and easy. But they are for smaller projects; larger projects have an added step which I will be sharing in a future blog post so hang tight for that.

I’ve been meaning to share this tutorial for almost 6 months! Because it is quite an easy one, I kept thinking there was no point in sharing it.

But I also know that you might not know how to frame your smaller cross stitch pieces and we all have to learn from someone else. Even the “easy” things need teaching.

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What You Need to Frame Your Cross Stitch:

  1. A frame (with a mount in like this one*)
  2. Your finished cross stitch piece (I am using my Sleepy Unicorn design which you can find here*)
  3. Masking tape
  4. Foam board (optional)
  5. Scissors

How to Frame Cross Stitch | Method 1 (With Foam Board)

This method is slightly longer and uses some foam board. You can buy this from many craft shops or you can just use some thick card stock.

Either way, make sure it isn’t too thick so the back of the frame can go on.

1. Cut out the board

Cut out your foam board or card stock, making sure it is the same size as the mount from the frame.

2. Cut out the fabric

Make your fabric around 1-2 inches bigger than the foam board if you can.

Mine is slightly smaller than this because I cut my fabric before I knew what I would do with it. But even smaller it still worked in the frame.

3. Tape the edges

Make sure the design is straight and center at the front and masking tape the top edge at the back.

Then gently pull the bottom under ensuring you don’t knock the design out of place. Tape the bottom.

Then the edges should just need a small tug and tape them at the back too.

4. Fold in corners

For the corners, you will have to fold them in to tuck them around.

Don’t worry about being too neat; with the mount in the frame, you won’t see them. It’s more to ensure the fabric will fit in the frame properly.

5. Tape the corners

Put a small piece of masking tape over the folded in corners to secure them.

6. Check it fits

Make sure everything fits in the frame and the design is lined up how you want it to be.

You can always take the tape off and rearrange if you need to.

7. Put it in

Put the mount and board in the frame. I talk more about the frame after going through the steps for the second method so scroll down for that.

How to Frame Cross Stitch | Method 2 (Without Foam Board)

1. Check the fabric

If your fabric with your finished cross stitch design on is smaller than mount then you can move onto step 3, but if it’s larger go to step 2.

2. Cut out the fabric

If your fabric is larger than the mount in the frame then you need to cut it out.

Make sure it isn’t cut so small that there wil be a gap in the “window”. You want the fabric to sit on the edges of the mount (you can see a photo of this on the next step).

3. Tape the edges

Lay the fabric face down on the back of the mount. Make sure it is centre and lined up and tape the edges of the fabric down.

I recommend starting with the top edge. Give a small tug so there are no creases in the aida and tape the bottom. Repeat with the left and right edge.

4. Put the mount in

Put the mount with your taped on fabric into the frame.

Finishing Both Methods of Framing Your Cross Stitch

Put the back on.

Sounds simple right?

But just check it’s the right way around before putting it in (not like I put it on upside down or anything…)


A little word on the frame; you can choose to keep the glass in or out.

The reason I say to pick a frame with a mount in is so the glass isn’t squishing your lovely stitches and making them flat. The mount stops the glass from touching your fabric.

However, you can also kee the glass out, even if you have a mount in. Sometimes with a cross stitch piece, you want the texture to really show and the glass can prevent this from happening. To add that bit of extra something to your wall when you’re hanging it up, just take the glass out.

I kept mine in on this particular project because this is for my 3-year-olds room and I know there will be all sorts of sticky hands on it so the glass will protect it. Something to think about!

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In this post, I am sharing how to frame your cross stitch in 7 easy steps. This tutorial works particularly well for smaller cross stitch projects but can also work for larger ones.

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