Why Do You Cross Stitch? | S3E14

In this post, I am talking all about the reasons why we cross stitch.

I purposely put this episode out now because it’s Valentine’s Day soon and I just thought this would be a great way to show our love for cross stitch.

On Valentine’s Day I’m actually publishing a blog post with 14 reasons why I love cross stitch so if you want to know when that goes live be sure to sign up to get my emails.

I put up this question on why we stitch in my Facebook group about 3 months ago and got so many answers; some happy and some quite sad.

Today I’m going to share some of those comments and reasons why you stitch and the top reasons why I stitch at the end.

But I don’t want this topic to end here. If you didn’t see that question go up on Facebook or you’re not in my group, then share with me your reasons for why you stitch over on social media. You can tag me and use the hashtag #whyistitch.

You can listen to the episode below or keep scrolling to read the full blog post.

The Reasons Why You Cross Stitch

The first thing I noticed with the answers was that there were lots of comments about needing something to do with your hands.

There were a few of you who stitched to help with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Some of you just started and haven’t stopped because your hooked (so much better if this was crochet; there’s a great pun there)

And many of you stitch to help with your mental health. I just want to say though, that although cross stitch can be a great tool for your mental health, this should be alongside professional help and not instead of. If you are struggling please reach out to someone.

To create without being “arty”

I have never been very good at arts, I can’t draw or paint, I can’t sing, I am not a great dancer. As a child I found this really humiliating, as it seems to come so naturally to everyone else. But then we did some small projects around cross stitching at school. I was finally able to create something and participate, and not be completely rubbish at it 🙂


To relieve stress

My boyfriend, later husband, had written a poem for me and I wanted to capture it forever. Cross-stitch was the answer. That was over 40 years ago and I still enjoy creating my own. It relieves my stress as I must concentrate on the work in hand not the problems of the day.


To feel creative

I started cross stitch when I was a kid because I never had many friends so it helped keep me sane & be creative. I started taking it seriously again in my late teens & 20s because it helped me relax & helped me feel creative.


To have a creative self-care activity

I stitch for my mental wellbeing. I had Postnatal Depression when my son was born 6 years ago. Creative hobbies help keep my Anxiety at bay and shortly before my new baby was born in May this year I took up cross stitch as my new creative Selfcare activity. Now I’m hooked! (feel free to share, fab idea btw)


To do something when the football is on

I bought my first kit when I was pregnant in order to craft something by myself for my daughter’s room, after I quit for a few years and I started again 2 or 3 years ago and can’t stop, as soon as I have finished a project I need to start a new one, it’s really relaxing when I come home from work, and also I have something to do while my husband is watching some football game….


Because it brings you joy

I stitch for relaxation. It also makes me feel accomplished to take a plane piece of material and  thread in a bundle and with a pattern I can make something beautiful, at least for me. It brings me joy. 


Because it’s therapeutic

I was introduced to cross stitching probably 25 years ago. I was hooked immediately! Now that I have health issues, I find stitching very therapeutic, even when my symptoms are bothersome. So blessed to be able to stitch even with fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic fatigue.

Because your nan/grandma/nanny/granny taught you

I began cross stitching with my nan, she got me into it at a young age, she also got me into sewing, she died a couple of months ago, but I still continue to do cross stitch, havent worked my way to doing sewing yet tho (share)


To relax with

Started 30 years ago with one little pattern and was addicted.  If I can’t stitch for some reason, my hands get twitchy.  It’s my mode of relaxation.  Takes away any stress I have.  Being retired is wonderful.  I can stitch for hours.  I highly recommend it. 


Because it’s practical for family life

I started because I liked the look of what people were creating and wanted to try it myself (I already crochet and knit). I’m a sahm and my youngest has just started preschool so I don’t have much time to myself. I love that I can pick up and put down my cross stitch as needed and if I only have 15/20 mins I can still do some without worrying about getting to the end. It’s something for me but practical for family life.


The Reasons Why I Cross Stitch

The reasons why I cross stitch have changed through the years. I started stitching because I wanted to do some crafting after having my first baby.

I was right in the trenches of newborn life and felt that spark to create and haven’t looked back

As Eilidh said, cross stitch is so practical when you’re in this stage of life. That ability to be able to pick up and put down a project throughout the day is needed in that baby/toddler stage.

Now my reason for stitching is just that I love the act of it. It relaxes me so much and lets my mind forget about the day and just concentrate on stitching.

And of course, I cross stitch for work like producing patterns for stitch-a-longs.

I don’t mind not finishing a piece so much anymore; just making the stitches and having a project to look forward to at the end of the day is good enough for me (something I talk more about in my episode on whether you should worry about unfinished cross stitch projects).

Again, I would love to know your reasons for cross stitch so be sure to come over to social media and let me know!

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  1. I started cross stitching because my little sister had. I thought if that moron could do it so could I. 25 years later I’m still doing it because it’s relaxing and I love the sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. I also have taught both my daughters and friends how to stitch.

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