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In Celebration of Valentine’s Day, in this post, I am sharing the 14 reasons why I love cross stitch!

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1. You create something tangible

Even if you don’t actually finish the whole design, just stitching 1 stitch that you can see, touch and even smell it if you really want, gives you such a sense of accomplishment.

2. It’s relaxing

I don’t know about you, but my brain is always absolutely swirling with ideas, thoughts, worries, and chatter.

Cross stitch calms all of that and allows me to just concentrate on the stitches if that’s what I need in the moment.

3. It’s easy

If you’re just starting out you might not believe me, but once you learn the 1 simple “X” stitch you can create so many designs without ever learning another stitch again.

I have a free guide that you can download if you’re just starting out in cross stitch.

4. It’s inexpensive

OK, OK, I know some of you are looking at your screen now with the most puzzled look. But hear me out! If you want it to be, cross stitch can be inexpensive. You can get kits for under $10 on Etsy!

And depending on how large a pattern is it can take quite a while to stitch, meaning you’re not constantly having to but new supplies. And there is no expensive machinery needed!

I have a post where I share the top 6 things you need for cross stitch if you want to learn more about the materials needed.

5. Kids can join in

Cross stitch is a great hobby to get your kids involved in. I don’t particularly want them messing with my expensive DSLR, but I will happily give them some aida, needle, and thread and let them have a go with me.

I have a post where I share some tips on cross stitching with your kids.

6. It’s time away from screens

In a world where many of us are constantly on a screen all day, cross stitch can be a great reliever from that.

7. It’s nostalgic

For me personally it makes me feel nostalgic because my nan taught me to stitch when I was a little girl.

But if you didn’t have someone who taught you when you were younger, just think 10 years from now if you are still stitching you can look back at all of your creations and see how you/your styles have changed over the years.

8. You can make so many things

From lampshades to banners, you can make so many things from a cross stitch design.

You can read my top 5 finishing ideas for your cross stitch here.

9. It lets your creativity out

Cross stitch is a great craft for all levels of experience or “craftiness”.

I am 50/50 left and right-sided of my brain, meaning I’m half a creative thinker and half an analytical thinker. Cross stitch allows me to tap into that creative side even though I’m not the most creative person in the world.

10. It has a great community

I just LOVE going in my Facebook group and seeing the cross stitch community that has been built in there.

And that is true all over the internet and in small workshops. It brings people together who all have that 1 thing in common – they love cross stitch!

11. It allowed me to create Hannah Hand Makes

Cross stitch is literally the reason why I started a business which has been insane but so so wonderful.

12. It’s practical

If you lead a full and busy life then cross stitch is a great hobby to have. It is so easy to pick up and put down without worrying about trying to remember where you left off or if any stitches will come undone.

13. It gets creative juices flowing

Sometimes when I’m stitching and trying to calm my mind, I actually end up having really good ideas or coming up with a solution to something I’ve been stuck on. I think this is because cross stitch helps quiet the noise and we can sort of filter our thoughts and pick out the good ones!

14. It stops late-night snacking

I am the worst at late-night snacking but cross stitch helps take my mind off food and keeps my hands busy so I don’t grab the chocolate!

So there you have it! My 14 reasons why I love cross stitch. Let me know your reasons for cross stitching below.

A quick recap:

  1. Create something tangible
  2. It’s relaxing
  3. It’s easy
  4. It’s inexpensive
  5. The kids can get involved
  6. It’s time away from screens
  7. It’s nostalgic
  8. It lets your creativity out
  9. You can make so many things 
  10. The community
  11. It led me to start my own business
  12. It’s practical
  13. It gets my creative juices flowing
  14. It stops late-night snacking

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