How to Plan Autumn Hobbies | S3E85

In this episode, I am sharing how to plan Autumn hobbies and why you should.

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How to Plan Your Autumn Hobbies

This episode is not so much about planning when you are going to find the time for your hobbies but rather what hobbies are going to keep you happy and grounded as the seasons change.

I love swapping out my hobbies as the seasons change. I read and cross stitch all year round but my other hobbies shift with the seasons.

My Autumn Hobbies

1. Cross Stitch

Obviously, cross stitch and I have actually planned all of the projects I want to stitch right up until Christmas. I may add a couple of others in too but I have my 5 that I’ll be working on in Autumn. I talk more about organising your projects in this episode.

One thing I’ve changed this season is that for some of my projects I’ve given myself a deadline to have them stitched by. I’ve never done this before so I’m intrigued to see if it helps me stitch more and get more projects finished.

Most of the projects I’m stitching also match the season I’m in; Autumn! I love doing this as it helps me stay present in the moment rather than living in the future of the next season.

2. Reading

I have planned the 25 books I want to read through the Autumn. I don’t always plan the exact books I want to read in a season but this year I have decided to make my Autumn Reading List all fiction and mostly fantasy.

I feel that Autumn is a magical time of year, especially with Halloween, and so I’m sticking with books that evoke those feelings even more for me.

I think this is pretty popular to do in the Summer (I do it myself; read books that are set in Summer/hot countries) but I’ve never tried it in Autumn before. I’m excited!

3. “Gaming”

I can’t actually call myself a gamer but I do play one game called Dreamlight Valley which I love. I go through times of not really playing it and then other times I can’t put it down.

This season they have just updated the game and there is so much to do, including a live event that goes away soon. So I want to make sure I make time to play to complete the event they have going on.

4. Building things

I saw some huge model houses that you can build in my garden centre so decided to buy myself a mini one to try. I have never done anything like this before but I am excited to try something new.

I also got myself a new Lego set. I love building Lego so much! I got a little Halloween house set and because it is themed I really want to try and build it before Halloween. I’m taking it slow and just doing a little bit each week and really enjoying it so far.

Why plan your hobbies?

It can seem a little strange to plan hobbies like this but I am doing it because I want to make sure that every week I am including all 4 of these into my week. Planning them makes it much more likely I will make the time for them.

For example, my Lego set is Halloween-themed. If I didn’t take the time at the start of the season to plan to build it, I might wait until the week before Halloween to start and not have enough time.

Now I want you to start thinking about what hobbies you would enjoy this Autumn. And if it’s not Autumn for you right now, apply this to any change in season.

Maybe there a certain crafts you like to do this time of year such as making an Autumn wreath. Making you like to bake a certain kind of cake such as parkin or apple crumble.

Also, think about how you would like to feel at the end of Autumn. What would you have liked to have stitched, read or made, for example, to make you feel this way?

For example, maybe you want to feel accomplished because you know you took time for yourself. And you know that if you got to read 3 books this season then it means you took that time. Put those 3 books on your list/plans.

I recommend buying any supplies you might need now so that you don’t forget later. Or reserve books from the library, buy any floss you need for your projects, etc. Set yourself up now so nothing can take you away from your hobby time.

For me, Autumn is one of my busiest seasons with birthdays, back to school and back to clubs. It can get a little crazy and chaotic. So I want to feel grounded, refreshed and happy at the end of the season. The 4 hobbies I’ve picked will help me feel that.

I hope this episode helps inspire you to plan some Autumn hobbies and make more time for yourself this season.

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