10 Must-Have Craft Supplies/Tools for Finishing | S3E84

In this episode, I am sharing 10 must-have craft supplies and tools for finishing your cross stitch projects off. I could have written a lot more but I’ve tried to narrow it down as much as I could.

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10 Must-Have Craft Supplies and Tools for Finishing Cross Stitch Projects

You can buy these things as you need them or make a little stash of it all now to have on hand when you have finished a project/to finish ones you already have stitched.

1. Staple gun

Staple guns come in handy for all sorts of things but especially when it comes to mounting projects onto canvas boards. I have a tutorial for that here. They are cheap, easy to use and make finishing off projects simple and easy.

2. Wooden dowels

I love wooden dowels and have literally hundreds of them. You can get cheap, plain ones or more expensive ones that have ends you can pop on and off. You can use these to make banners/wall hangings which I have a tutorial for here.

banner hung on wall

You can get this pattern here.

3. Variety of scissors

Obviously you need embroidery scissors for stitching but I also recommend having fabric scissors for cutting aida, etc and I like to use a regular pair or another pair of fabric scissors for cutting felt. I don’t recommend mixing your scissors up as it will dull them faster.

4. Magnetic poster holders

These are perfect for hanging up projects to turn into wall hangings and look professional. But they’re actually very simple to use and you only need to finish the 2 side edges to use them. You can get different sizes too which is handy for different sized projects.

You can get this pattern here.

5. Glue gun

I use my glue gun so much. You can use it to add embellishments to your finished projects such as felt flowers, glue pom-pom trim and backing your hoops with felt.

glue gun

6. Cutting mat

I like to use a cutting mat as my surface when finishing projects, especially when I’m using a glue gun. But you can also use it for cutting your project to size as it has a ruler on as well. If you prefer you can alo get a rotary cutter to use with your mat instead of scissors. I have 3 different sizes of mats and use them all.

7. Twine/ribbon

Not only is this handy to hang up your projects but you can also use them mounted around your project or to make ornaments. I have a tutorial for these Christmas ones inside the Cross Stitch Club.

8. Felt sheets

Felt sheets are great for backing hoops once you finish them off if you want to hide the back. They are also good if you want to add any extras to your design such as felt flowers and for making pouches/planner covers etc. I also have a tutorial for making felt flowers inside the Cross Stitch Club.

You can get this pattern here.

9. Glass jars

No need to buy them, just start recycling any you use and keep them. You can stitch a cosy around them (tutorial here) and use them as pen pots, fill them with sweets, etc. as gifts, as Christmas decor, fill them with lights and so much more.

10. Filling/stuffing

I love making little, decorative cushions from small designs and you need some stuffing to do that. You can get creative and make different shapes or keep it simple as a square/rectangle. There is a tutorial for these inside the Cross Stitch Cub.

I hope this list helps inspire you to finish off some projects.

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