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In this episode, I am sharing 10 fiction audiobooks I have listened to and loved over the year and are perfect to listen to when cross stitching. You can listen to the episode below or keep scrolling for the books.

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10 Fiction audiobooks to listen to when cross stitching

I used to only listen to non-fiction audiobooks (you can find the episode about non-fiction audiobooks to listen to when cross stitching here). I didn’t think I would be able to focus properly on fiction because I am usually doing something else when listening such as cross stitch, folding laundry or cooking. But then I listened to Peter Pan by J.M. Barry and realised I could focus quite well on them. I slowly dipped my feet into fiction audiobooks until last summer when I deep-dived in. 

Now I mostly listen to fiction and it’s a great way to combine hobbies. Whether you’re just diving into audiobooks or a long-time fan, these 10 books are great listens. Not only are the stories good but so are the productions of the audio.

Just a little note; before you buy an audiobook I recommend sampling it first. If you don’t like the narrator then you probably won’t enjoy the book. I have chosen books below where I loved the narrator as much as the book but I still recommend sampling first.

1. The Dead Romantics*

I loved this book and it’s an easy book to listen to. It has some fantasy elements but not too many. It doesn’t have the usual witches, vampires, monsters etc. 

The main character leads a very typical life but it just so happens that she can see ghosts. Then someone in her life dies and she’s waiting for their ghost to show up, but another one shows up instead. 

There is also a writing/book theme as she is an editor and I love that in a book. 

This is the perfect listen for a cosy Autumn day stitching something Autumn/Halloween-themed.

2. A Good Girls Guide to Murder*

As well as being one of my favourite books of the year, the audio on this book is so good. I’m not much of a fan of production-style audiobooks when there are many narrators, theme songs, etc. This one slightly leans into that territory but only in small parts and it’s done so well that it doesn’t take anything away from the story. It doesn’t take you out of the story. 

This book is about a teenage girl who tries to solve a murder and a suicide that happened in her town 5 years ago. Along the way, she discovers many secrets of her small town and the people closest to her. 

The book has two versions; the U.S. version and the U.K. version. Apparently, they’re not too different but as this was originally meant to be set in a British town and has a British author I recommend the U.K. version if you can get it. I’ve also heard from some community members who live in the States that the U.S. version has parts that don’t really make sense from a regional standpoint.

3. Harry Potter*

Honestly, any of the Harry Potter books on audio are great. If you love the stories, listening to them on audio adds another layer to them. The narrator, Stephen Frym, is amazing and does the best Hagrid voice. I’m listening to these in the car whenever we travel with the kids and it keeps them happy almost the whole journey.

Of course, stitching something Harry Potter-themed would be perfect with this book.

4. One Italian Summer*

I started this one for 2 main reasons. 1) Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) narrates it and 2) It’s set in Italy. But the book was so good. 

Similar to the Dead Romantics it has a slight fantasy element. The main character travels to Italy after her mum dies and ends up meeting her mum at 30 years old. She then gets to spend the trip with her mum before she becomes a mum and wife. 

This one is perfect for Summer and you can really immerse yourself in the Italian lifestyle. I’ve listened to this one twice now and I know there will be plenty more listens.

Listen to this while stitching something summery and Italian.

5. Happy Place*

Emily Henry’s books are always a great listen. 

This book has a fun storyline and also has a great setting in Maine. Again you can immerse yourself into a whole different place. 

Harriet and Wyn broke up months ago, but haven’t told their friends. They all get together for one last trip to a cottage in Maine and they have to pretend to still be together. This book takes place in the present while flashing back to the past throughout. And I love that in a book. 

The narrator is the same for most of Emily Henry’s books and I thought that would bother me at first, but 3 books later and it’s absolutely fine.

Stitch something with a lobster on while listening to this book.

6. These Witches Don’t Burn*

I loved the cover of this book and when I saw the main character was also a Hannah I knew I had to read it. If you’re in the mood to get lost in magic this book is perfect. As well as having lots of fantasy elements it also has gay romance, a cruel grandmother, school drama and witch hunters. 

Hannah and her ex Veronica are both witches from Salam and they team up to figure out who performed the blood ritual they found evidence of. They suspect it’s blood witches and they happen to have met some on a trip to New York, but you’re not told exactly what happened on that trip. 

The perfect listen for Halloween while stitching something like the pattern below.

welcome witches cross stitch pattern

Get the pattern here.

7. The Hunger Games Series*

I had already read these books but the audio’s are amazing too and you take in the story in a different way when you listen. 

One thing to note with these books is that on Audible the narrators are now all the same but if you’re borrowing from a library they might be different. I think the narrator changed after the first book but Audible updated the first one so they’re all the same. I’m not sure if libraries have caught up yet though. 

If you don’t know The Hunger Games, it’s a dystopian book with a love triangle, an evil leader and lots of killing without being too scary. There’s the start of a revolution and Katniss (the main character) is forced to be the face of the rebels even if she’s not sure she is one.

These are perfect to binge-listen to if you have a few days free/off work. Pair them with a large project you can really sink your teeth into.

8. Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry*

This is one of the first few fiction audiobooks I listened to and I loved it so much. I have also just relistened to it.

Quinn is the main character and she loves to make lists in her journal. She lists her worst fears, people she would like to kiss, the days she’s ugly cried, etc. Then her journal goes missing and she’s blackmailed into doing things she has written on some of these lists. It has an enemies-to-friends arc, coming-of-age elements and facing your fears. I just adored it. 

Get ready to want to write all the lists.

9. Every Summer After*

This book flashes back to the past, then comes back to the present and the main characters are Percy and Sam. You know something happened to split them up but you don’t know what. It’s a story of regrets and asking can you find your true love at 14? And should you go back to people? 

I really enjoyed this one (minus the end) and it’s a nice easy listen for stitching in the garden in the Summer with a summer-themed project.

Hello summer cross stitch kit

Get the Summer pattern here.

The Inheritance Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes*

I only recently listened to this book but I loved it. There are quite a few characters in this one but the narrator is amazing and does the best accents and voices. 

This is about a girl, Avery who inherits a fortune from a man she has never met. The book is all about her figuring out why he chose her. Some of the other themes are a sort of love triangle, family drama and attempts on her life. 

You will want an easy cross stitch pattern when listening to this book because your mind will be busy playing the games.

I hope you found a book here you can dive into while cross stitching. I love getting to do two hobbies at the same time. Is there anything better?

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