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In this episode, I share 5 summer rituals to help you seamlessly transition to a new season.  You can listen to the episode below or keep scrolling for the books.

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5 Summer rituals/new traditions

I adore the changing seasons; it’s like getting a fresh start 4 times a year. Even if you’re weather doesn’t change, the feeling does. 

There are different holidays and celebrations in the different seasons, time moves differently. You have the hectic business of Christmas and the long, slow days of Summer. Or, maybe it’s the opposite for you. 

Summer seems slow for us because the kids are home from school for half the Summer and their extracurriculars (ballet and football, etc) take a break through the Summer. 

Here are some rituals that I’m planning to help me transition into a season that is completely different to the other 3. 

1. Take a retreat day

If your kids are about to finish up school for 6 weeks or 3 months depending on where you are, try and give yourself a whole day before they do. 

Book it off work, pen it into your schedule and plan a day where you do what you want. Doing this in Summer can be easier than in other seasons, especially if what you want to do involves being outside.

This day can include anything you want. Maybe it’s a whole day of stitching in the garden. Maybe it’s taking a book to a coffee shop or park and reading for as long as you want. Maybe you plan lots of different things throughout the day; combining all your favourite hobbies into a day of you. 

I haven’t fully planned my retreat day yet but I know it will involve lots of sunshine, stitching, sketching, reading and writing.

2. Watch a sunrise

This is something I have wanted to do for years; get my kids up early, drive to the beach and watch the sunrise. I’m hoping it happens this year now that they’re older. 

I have seen it rise in the winter but it’s too cold to drive to the beach. But it’s always seemed too early to do it in the Summer (the sun rises at around 5 am and it takes an hour to drive to the local beach). However, I want it to happen this year. 

You don’t have to drive anywhere though. You can try to find a spot local to you where you will be able to see it clearly. We have a hill near us that I could hike up. 

If 5 am is too early for you, save this until near the end of Summer when the sun starts to rise a little later again. 

Make sure to plan to do this on a day when the sky will be clear. Pack a bag the night before (water, a pen and notebook, maybe a sketchbook and pencils, a blanket), lay your clothes out and set lots of alarms if you’re like me and are not a morning person.

If you think it will be too difficult to do this during your normal day-to-day, are you going on any trips this Summer? Getting up earlier always seems easier if you’re on holiday and many times (especially those of us in the U.K.) holidays happen near a beach which can be the perfect place to watch the sunrise depending on what way the horizon is facing. 

If you are on the west coast you might find it easier to watch the sunset instead. I see the sun set a lot which is why I want to try and see it rise, but either way, it’s a lovely ritual for Summer.

3. Make a Summer playlist

This doesn’t just have to be music, it can be anything that you want to listen to over the Summer. Music, books, podcasts, etc. 

When you are making these lists think about what feelings you want to have this summer. Do you want to feel energised and upbeat? Create a playlist of music with songs that make you feel this way.

If you want to get a lot done and stay motivated find some podcasts that will help you with organisation and ways to stay on track with all you want to do.

Maybe you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and Summer is also your new year and you are reflecting and setting new goals. Find some books that help you with goal setting, career changes, or anything else you want to try this year. 

My playlists will include lots of Pink because I am going to see her live this Summer (so excited) so I want to keep that feeling of excitement before we go and after we’ve been.

I am still trying to get to Italy, so I have queued up and already read some audiobooks that take place in Italy to listen to this Summer such as One Italian Summer and Love + Gelato. 

And podcast-wise, I’m looking more for entertainment in the Summer rather than goal/habit/business-type ones. Having the kids home for 6 weeks means that I need to listen to some adult conversations during the day. 

Write down some feelings you want to feel/create this Summer and create your playlists around those feelings. 

4. Plan a trip

Whether you go on this trip or not isn’t really the point. The planning can be fun! Find a place you have always wanted to visit and create a Pinterest board with the name. Try and be specific such as London instead of England.

Or if you want to visit a country but aren’t sure where about yet, you can create sections on your board. For example, I have one named Italy with sections such as Rome, Venice, Lake Como etc. 

The place can be 10 miles away or 10000 miles away.

Now find pictures, articles and guides to put on your board. Don’t just Pin anything though, spend time reading and looking before you Pin it. 

I also recommend creating a document with the same title as your board or getting a notebook and if you read anything particularly helpful write it down, 

Next, create a collage of photos of the place and save it as your background for summer or print it and stick it up somewhere you will see it. 

You could also read books that are set in this place (for example, I read One Italian Summer again while I’ve been planning). Or, if it’s needed, learn some phrases in the language they speak there.

Who knows, maybe all this planning will lead you to take the trip one day.

5. Cook/make something Summery

Cooking seasonally is not only good for you, but helps you be in the moment of the season you are in right now.

You could make a summer salad or a cocktail or bake a summer cake. Below are some recipes.

Summer Recipes:

If you’re not into cooking/baking you could make something instead.

A summer wreath or a cute bunting to hang up. Stitch a summer cross stitch pattern or sketch your favourite place to go in the summer. 

Here are some summer-themed tutorials/patterns I have and most include a free pattern too!

Summer Crafts

I hope you enjoyed thinking up some rituals for your Summer this year, even if you just take one of the ideas. And who knows, one of these rituals could become a Summer tradition for your family. I love creating new traditions that my kids will remember when they are older.

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