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In this episode, I share 5 Spring rituals that you can use for cross stitch and your other hobbies. You can listen to the episode below or keep scrolling to read the post.

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5 Spring Rituals

If you are in a different season right now you can apply these to Autumn/Summer etc.

1. Clean/Declutter your supplies

Get your space ready for some spring stitching by decluttering your stash and doing some spring cleaning. Decluttering your stash helps you make space for other things you might use more. It also helps keep your space tidy which is important when we have little time for our hobbies. We don’t want to waste that precious time looking for supplies we need. You can listen to the episode on decluttering your craft supplies here.

You can also clean anything you might need to. Maybe you need to dust your bobbin boxes, or maybe there are some crumbs in your sewing box from the cake you ate last week. Wipe everything down and make it clean and smell better.

 2. Swap out your decor

If you’ve had winter designs hung up maybe even a couple of Christmas stragglers still left around your home swap them out for your spring designs. These can be projects you’ve already stitched before but put away last year. Or maybe it’s new things you’re working on. Make a space ready for them to be displayed this season.

I have a spring wreath I get out, a “hello spring” canvas that I hang up and some Easter hoops that I ldisplay in the kitchen.

It doesn’t always have to be cross stitch designs either. Maybe you have other craft creations that you can get out. For example, my spring wreath is actually made from felt flowers.

3. Plan your projects/hobbies

I mentioned in January that I find winter a funny time to start new cross stitch projects. Sometimes I’m motivated to do that. But other times I want to finish what I didn’t finish the year before. In the aftermath of Christmas you’re kind of wiped out and starting something new can seem a little draining.

However, this time of year is my favourite for starting new projects or pulling old spring projects out. I also like to try new hobbies every season. I think spring is a great time for trying new things because Spring is the definition of new beginnings.

So first of all plan out your projects that you’re stitching this season. Get out all of your WIPs, look at what’s your favourite, what you’re really excited to stitch, and what needs stitching. Is there something you can finish off quickly and get it hung up for the season? I have a full podcast episode all about planning your projects. You can listen to it here.

Plan new hobbies

You could also try planning out some new hobbies you want to try this spring. Or maybe you want to revive some old hobbies that you’ve stopped doing.

Most of my hobbies are coloring in, crafting, and reading, but sometimes I like to try new ones. Back in Autumn and Winter I did a lot of gaming and playing Lego and things you can do inside.

In Spring, I like to try hobbies that have a sort of spring feeling to them. For example, something I tend to do more in the summer or spring is learning languages. Italian is my choice but for some reason during the winter, I always fall off my learning. So this spring I want to get back into it and try to make some good progress. I know it’s hard when you’re diving in and out of a language because you don’t get the consistency that you need. But at the same time, something is better than nothing. I’m not going to let the lack of consistency put me off going back into it.

So is there a hobb you want to try this spring or want to get back into now? For example, with knitting and crochet, I know many people don’t really enjoy that so much during the warmer months because you have all this wool on top of you so you swap that hobby for something else. I started roller skating in spring. I did it in the kitchen I could have the backdoors open and let the fresh air in.

Soon, I will be releasing an episode talking about finding new hobbies. If you are stuck trying to find a new hobby then stay tuned for that episode.

There is nothing wrong with only having one hobby. If cross stitch is your only hobby that’s absolutely amazing. I like to have other hobbies that I can fall back on because if there’s ever a time when I can’t cross stitch or I’m not in the mood for cross stitch I’m still doing something fun and for myself.

I also prefer to shake things up sometimes and do something different. As humans we quite enjoy learning something new and doing something new. Even if it’s a hobby and it’s for fun it can still be a skill that you learn. Woodworking, for example.

Over the Winter, through January and February, I took part in an online writing retreat and that was really fun. It helped me connect back to my inner child because I used to love writing when I was little. It also made me start reading poetry again which is also something I haven’t done since I was a child.

There are so many other little parts of us that we forget about once we get to adulthood. I think it’s nice to try and just bring a part of you from childhood back to your adult life for some extra joy during your day.

So if there is something that’s calling to you or maybe something’s come to mind right now explore it and see if there’s a way you can do it.

4. Freshen up your space

This can be anything from maybe giving yourself a whole new space in your home for your cross stitch and hobby supplies. Or it can be something as simple as getting yourself a new blanket to go on the spot where you usually stitch.

I think it’s so important that when we’re in our sort of hobby space, wherever that is, the space makes you feel relaxed, joyful and at home.

I love adding flowers or plants to any space. For Christmas, I got a Lego set of flowers so I now have a bunch of Lego flowers next to my desk. Having a plant or something green near you is great all year round, but especially in spring because you bring a little bit of the outside in. And it adds some colour to your space.

If you want colour, but can’t keep plants/flowers in your home you could add something to the wall such as a nice picture or a bit of art or maybe something you’ve created yourself

You could get yourself a little unit, or some shelves or something near your space to keep everything organised and looking neat.

Maybe bring some things out of boxes and show them off in your space.

Small pockets of you

I have little pockets all over my home of bits of me. There is a shelf in my bedroom which has some cards, mindfulness puzzles and a little fake plant. I look at that shelf and I love it. I have a big bookshelf in my living room and obviously, my books are already very me, but on the top of my bookshelf, I have little extra books that are even more me. Next to my bed I have a sewing box which has little bits of cross stitch stuff but I also have some book-related things in there too.

Don’t think that just because you have a small space you can’t still make it your own. You could even get a decorative cushion that you keep in the spot where you do your reading or stitching. Maybe it doesn’t even match anything else in the room but it’s yours and it’s just that little piece of you. I have I have one of these for reading and it does not match much else in the room but it is beautiful and I absolutely love it.

So you can just bring in these small things, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new furniture set. Just something small to freshen up your space, make it your spot for you and your hobby. And when you’re sitting there you’re happy, you enjoy your surroundings, it’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s just your space and you feel at home.

I know that if you are someone who lives with a family or maybe roommates or you’re still with parents, whatever your situation, not everybody has a whole house to themselves to make completely their own. For example, if I had my way I would have every single room in the house a different colour; I would be painting all sorts of the walls. But I can’t do that because I have another person that lives with me and it’s his home as well. I can’t decorate exactly how I would want to because he might not like that. Plus we’re in a military house! So I have these spots that are just mine and they don’t take up too much space.

5. Get outside

Spring is such a lovely time to get outdoors, feel the warmth, watch the flowers grow, see the changes, etc. I love being outside in spring.

Why not take your stitching to your garden or a park or sit on the front step of your home? You could even do this with a book or any other craft projects that you have.

It can feel a little embarrassing sometimes, but the more you do it the less embarrassed you feel. I recently sat on the front step of my home while the kids were roller skating and I sketched out a cross stitch design while I was watching them play. At first, I felt a little silly but I soon got over it.

If you are a little self-conscious though, maybe go to your back garden, or your front porch or head to a quiet park where you can sit undisturbed and get some much-needed sunshine after a long Winter. 

I hope this episode helps get you in the mood for the changing seasons and excited about all that Spring brings with her!

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