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In this episode, I share day 3 of the 10 minute cross stitch challenge. You can listen to the episode below to help keep you on track with the challenge. Or keep scrolling to read the tips from today.

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10 Minute Cross Stitch Challenge: routines vs going with the flow


I resist routines a lot but I know a routine can help structure your life in a way to have more time. I do prefer using rhythms over routines though. They are similar but not entirely the same.

A routine to me is doing the same thing at the same time every day/week/month etc. And rhythms are doing the same thing every day but not necessarily at the same time.

For example, after you eat dinner you clean the table and wash up. That’s your rhythm. But it doesn’t mean you clean the table and wash up at 6 pm every night, you just do it after dinner whatever time dinner is at.

A routine is leaving the house every day at 7:45 am.

They both work equally but just depend on what sort of lifestyle you lead.

I find routines work better if you have the same daily schedule, such as working from 9-5, coming home, making dinner then having the evening. A cross-stitch routine should be easy to slot into your life if you find the spare time to do it. Routines can also make sure you are taking the time for yourself every day.

I love a transition routine. this is the time between one part of your day moving into another. For example, from work to home. This is the perfect time to sit and relax to get yourself ready for the next part of your day.

This can also be a rhythm.

If you get home at the same day every day, let’s say 5 pm then your routine can be 30 minutes of stitching from 5.15-5.45 pm.

If you get home at different times every day your rhythm can be when you get home you take 20-30 minutes for your hobby.

Or you can just have a routine of stitching every weekday evening from 7-8 pm.

Going with the flow

This is my life right now. Apart from working at home the rest of my week is very up in the air. The kids have so many clubs that almost every night we’re out and about.

I have to find the gaps during my day and decide to cross-stitch. To go with the flow you have to be organised which we will talk about tomorrow (day 4).

When I go with the flow, I still have a loose idea of when I’m stitching. For example, on my lunch break, I try and cross stitch if I can. Sometimes in the evening, I will cross stitch, especially if there is a call in The Cross Stitch Club. But other nights the kids are going to bed so late I’m too tired to stitch. That depends on my energy levels each night.

Most of my stitching in the week is done during any gaps I get in my day.

And the biggest chunk of stitching time I get now is on a weekend. And it’s never at the same time; it’s just during those moments when the kids are playing and the cleaning is done and I can just sit and stitch. I never thought this day would come so if you have young kids, just know it’s coming.

This might not seem like guaranteed time but in the winter it usually is because we do hermit a lot in the winter afternoons. Clubs are all in the morning so afternoons are usually free.

Of course, the downside to going with the flow is that there might be days when you don’t find any time. This happened to me in December a lot because it was just so busy.

But the positive is that when you go with the flow, you get so used to finding those spare gaps in your day that you automatically fill them with stitching or reading, etc. The more you do it the more it becomes second nature.

There are pros and cons to both again but hopefully, this episode helps you decide whether a routine or going with the flow will work best for you during the season you are in right now.

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