Copyright and Cross Stitch | S3E39

In this episode, I am sharing some tips and opinions about copyright and cross stitch. This is big, but important topic and I only scratch the surface here, but hopefully, it helps and informs you.

And this episode is mainly for you who stitches and consumes cross stitch patterns rather than creates them, although I do talk about creation as well.

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2 thoughts on “Copyright and Cross Stitch | S3E39”

  1. I’m happy to see you addressing copyright in the podcast. While this is probably sufficient for those who are only making things for themselves, I’d urge anyone interested in distributing patterns or selling finished items to look into the applicable laws in their own country. Furthermore, it’s important for those people to understand trademark law as well as copyright law. Some of the restrictions you discussed this episode (e.g., using characters from movies) are covered by trademark law as well as by copyright.

    The Wikipedia article on copyright law is a good overview:

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