Autumn Reading List 2019

In this episode, I am sharing my 2019 Autumn Reading List! And there will be some Amazon links to buy these books if you like the sound of them! These links are marked with a * and are affiliate links meaning that if you purchase the book through this link then I may earn a small commission. This helps keep the blog and podcast running so I can keep sharing things like this Autumn reading list post!

In the episode, I also update you on my Summer reading list which you can read here.

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My Autumn Reading List

1. Cruel Crown

This book is 2 short stories from the Red Queen stories and I’m very curious to see the perspective from 2 different characters.

If you have read the Red Queen series I think this book is definitely worth picking up. It’s not too long and so far I’m enjoying it!

You can buy the book here*.

2. Big Magic

I have already read this book and love it so much! It is my favourite non-fiction book. I won’t talk too much about it as I’m currently writing a whole blog post about this book, but if you are any kind of creative you will probably love this book as much as me.

You can buy the book here*.

3. Vampire Diaries 6

I read 1-5 throughout the Summer and enjoyed these books (although the writing isn’t amazing). If you like the series you will probably enjoy comparing the series to the books and like some of the characters in this book that aren’t in the series.

I can only find this book new on Kindle but you can buy it here*.

Update 2020: I decided to put this book down for Autumn because I dived into another series (read more below) but this is still waiting on my shelf for me to pick back up again.

4. Morning Star

This is the third book in the Red Rising series that I started in Summer and I can’t wait to dive in and see what happens to Darrow now that things seem to be going very wrong for him!

You can buy the book here*.

Update 2020: I didn’t get round to reading this which I’m quite sad about, but I know I will come back around to it soon.

5. Bear Town

I am so excited to read this book! I have wanted to read it for over a year after hearing about it on The Chasing Creative Podcast.

It is about a small town in America that becomes very isolated in the Winter and one particular Winter something happens that tears the town apart.

I have heard that this book is a great one to read in the cold weather so I am saving it until I finish work for Christmas and then snuggle up with this for a few days before the kids finish school.

You can buy the book here*.

Update 2020: This book was amazing!! The best book I read in 2019, I highly, highly recommend.

6. Harley Merin

This book has been likened to Harry Potter which makes me very excited to read it! It must be quite popular too because I am 5th in line to get it from the library which never happens to me.

I love books about magic and fantasy and this one sounds right up my street.

You can buy the book here*.

Update 2020: I loved this book so much that I ened up reading 1-3 in Autumn. I definitely recommend if you are into YA/Fantasy etc.

7. City of Dark Magic

This book sounds similar to themes that run through the All Souls Trilogy (some of my favourite ever books); there’s Prague and Alchemy and magic and professors and history.

It’s been on my to-read list forever and I hope I finally get around to it!

You can buy the book here*.

Update 2020: I did not do well with my Autumn list! I got a different series for Christmas (that I talk about in my Winter Reading List 2020) and so this book is being saved until after this series.

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