12 Foolproof Gift Ideas For The Cross Stitcher in Your Life

In this post, I am sharing 12 foolproof gift ideas for cross stitchers! Now, that cross stitcher might be you so you can pop some of these on your Amazon wishlist or drop all the hints to your loved ones.

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12 foolproof gift ideas for cross stitchers:

1. Traveller’s Embroidery Set


This travellers embroidery set by Cloud Craft is both cute and practical. The yellow colours in this set will put a smile on the recipients face and the bag is a great size to pop in your bag when travelling. I have a pair of the embroidery scissors myself and I love them!

You can buy the travel set here.

And if you are planning a trip with your cross stitch I have a blog post sharing some tips about travelling with your cross stitch project that you might find useful.

2. Beehive Cross Stitch Storage Box


Another cute and practical gift, I just adore this Beehive Bobbin Box from Pip and Chip via Etsy. The wooden bobbins slot into the box and keep your threads safe and sorted for you! There are other designs too such as hedgehogs and other farm animals.

You can buy the Beehive Bobbin Box here.


3. Bee Cross Stitch Kit


Keeping with the Bee theme, what about a Bee Cross Stitch Kit from right here at Hannah Hand Makes? The simple design is perfect for beginners and the light effects thread gives the bee a little bit of sparkle!

The kit comes with everything you need to make a 4 inch Bee hoop and teamed with the Beehive Bobbin Box I think this is the perfect gift set for any Bee loving cross stitcher in your life.

You can buy the Bee Cross Stitch Kit here.

(Psst… I also sell a Hedgehog Kit which would team pretty well with the Hedgehog Bobbin Box. Just a little extra tip for you!)

4. Feminist Cross Stitch Pattern Book

This cross stitch pattern book by Stephanie Rohr is full of “40 bold and fierce patterns” all about feminism. Not only is this book full of patterns such as “a woman’s place is in the revolution” but she also gives you a some great info at the beginning to get you started with cross stitch.

You can buy the Feminist Cross Stitch book here*.

5. Stitch Your Own Jute Bag Kit

I am always looking for fun ways to stitch without framing the finished piece (you can check out my projects all over this blog) so this Stitch Your Own Jute Bag is right up my street and probably up most other stitchers too!

It comes with 1 bag but 4 different patterns so the stitcher you give this to can choose what they want to stitch on it (see, foolproof!)

You can buy a Stitch Your Own Jute Bag Kit here.

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6. Liberty Scissors and Holder

These embroidery scissors with a Liberty holder from John Lewis are beautiful and make the perfect gift for the stitcher in your life. You can never have too many pairs of scissors and the holder just gives them an extra special touch.

The only issue is that John Lewis doesn’t ship worldwide but there are similar ones on Etsy and Amazon if you aren’t in the U.K.

You can buy the Liberty Scissors and Holder here.

7. Cross Stitch Mug

I mean can you even cross stitch without a mug of tea or coffee next to you? Why not make that mug a cross stitch mug!

The words on the mug “I just wanna cross stitch and ignore all my adult problems” sums up most of us stitchers, right?

You can buy the Cross Stitch Mug here*.

8. A Project Pouch


I can’t even tell you how much I love these project pouches from Sarah Ashford Studio! I already have 2; a “WIP” one and a “hand maker” one because yes, you can personalise them!

You can buy a Project Pouch here.

And you can also get them as extras with my North Pole Stitch-a-Long Cross Stitch Kit.

9. Stitch a Selfie Cross Stitch Kit

For a more personal cross stitch gift these “stitch a selfie” kits from Ellbie Co. at Not on The High Street are perfect.

You just send your selfie to them and they turn it into a cross stitch pattern which you get along with all the materials to make an 8 inch hoop. Easy and thoughtful!

You can buy a Stitch a Selfie Cross Stitch Kit here.

10. Rose Gold Scissor Gift Set

The ultimate scissors gift set in my opinion, I love love love this rose gold gift set from Milward. The bigger fabric scissors are perfect for cutting aida or linen and the smaller embroidery scissors are great for snipping threads.

As I said, you can never have too many pairs of scissors! And the little thimble is such a cute addition too.

Although it isn’t shown in the listing, when I got this set it came in a black box, ready to be wrapped! (Or tore open if you buy it for yourself).

You can buy the Rose Gold Scissor Set here*.

11. Stitch Aint One Cross Stitch Pattern Book

I bought this book by Genevieve Brading a couple of years ago but I still love referring to it to make presents for people, and it makes a great present in itself too!

If you are looking for modern and slightly naughty cross stitch patterns then this is the book for you (or the stitcher in your life). It has 20 patterns in it, some of my favourites being “What would Beyoncé do?” “Tequila o’clock” and my top one – “I’m sorry for what I did when I was hangry”.

You can buy the book here*.

12. Sugar Plum Fairy Cross Stitch Kit


I couldn’t do a gift guide without including a Satsuma Street product and this Sugar Plum Fairy Kit doesn’t disappoint.

It is full of sparkles with sequins and beads and you stitch on metallic perforated paper so as soon as you are finished stitching you can hang it straight up!

There are 2 ways to give this as a gift; you can give the stitcher the kit to stitch themselves over Christmas (I’m thinking a Secret Santa gift!) or if you stitch yourself, stitch it up and give it as a thoughtful, handmade present.

You can buy the Sugar Plum Fairy Kit here.

And you can also grab just the pattern to get stitching straight away here.

I hope this post helped you with some cross stitch gift ideas for any stitchers in your life.

If you are a stitcher yourself I’d love to know what the best cross stitch gift is you have received (or maybe one on your wishlist). Let me know in the comments below!

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12 Foolproof Gift Ideas for the Cross Stitcher in Your Life by Hannah Hand Makes.

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  1. My mom’s birthday is fast approaching and since she loves cross-stitch so much, I’m thinking of buying some needle and yards for her. Well, I also like your idea of buying a Beehive Bobbin box where she may place her needlework. Thank you for sharing here that there’s a cross stitch pattern book about feminism as well because she’ll definitely love this.

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