10 Favourites of the Year So Far | S3E50

In this episode, I am sharing 10 favourites of the year so far. These things range from cross stitch supplies (of course) to TV shows.

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10 Favourite Things

  1. DMC Bobbins from Pip and Chip. These are great at the colour and number are already on the plastic bobbin for you. You can find them here.
  2. Organising my threads on bobbins. I used to use them when I first started stitching 6 years ago but I didn’t love storing them this way as it took so long to wind them up! I would rather spend the time stitching than organising. But now I have so many skeins now though that I needed a new system and I am loving storing on bobbins! I am using the Milward Bobbin Boxes from Love Crafts* which come with paper bobbins inside and if you use Anchor threads you also get a list of Anchor threads inside too.
  3. Needle minders from Cotton and Clay. I just love the designs and colours and sparkle that Laura uses on her minders. You can find them here.
  4. Hoop Butts from Kate Blanford. These are perfect for a quick and easy way to back your hoop after you have finished stitching. You can find them here.
  5. Sitting outside to cross stitch. Now that it’s Summer here in the U.K. I have been sitting outside on my lunch break to stitch for 30 minutes in peace. I have also taken a book outside of an evening a couple of nights now too. It’s so nice to get some fresh air and it’s a bit less distracting outside. You’re not as stressed about seeing any mess, clothes, etc around you.
  6. The library. I almost forgot about my library with not going for well over a year. My one even had some brand new books that have only just been released too which I was so glad about as my reading list right now has a lot of new books on it. I always used my library but it just slipped my mind that it was there!
  7. Anne Bogel’s Summer Reading Guide. This year it’s is SO good and I love the way Anne categorises them. With my Summer reading list, about 7 out of the 10 came from this reading guide. It also made me look outside my reading comfort zone too. And it’s FREE!
  8. Vans! Yes, I am very late to these shoes but I finally got 2 pairs for the first time this year; laced ones and slip-ons and I LOVE them.
  9. Astrology. I used to love astrology so much and recently I have got back into it again and really dived into natal birth charts. I am finding it so interesting and fascinating and love learning more and more about this.
  10. Schitt’s Creek! This TV programme I loved so much … even more than Friends! It has some great themes in, particularly around being gay, and I just found it hilarious but it also really hooked me in and made me emotional and attached to the characters in it. Highly recommend watching it on Netflix!

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