Your Biggest Cross Stitch Struggles Right Now – Part 3 | S3E64

In this episode, I am sharing some solutions to your biggest cross stitch struggles right now. These struggles come from a recent Instagram post I did so if you ever want your question or struggle answered make sure you’re following me over there. @hannahhandmakes

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Cross stitch struggles

Finished pieces

“My struggle is deciding on what to do with a piece after it is finished. I start many SALs or pieces that really have no home or finishing project in mind when I start them. 🤷🏻‍♀️” @gmabeb

This is something I’m really trying to change in my SALs this year. I already have a lot that isn’t just something to hang on the wall but most of them are. This year expect to see more projects you can use!

But for now, you can take a look at my blog for some finishing ideas.

Most samplers can be turned into a book cover or a tablet cover pretty easily. You just need some felt on the back and stitch it to the back of your design leaving one side free to slide the book cover on.

With the new Market Day SAL that is happening inside the Cross Stitch Club we are attaching that onto a tote bag.

You could try stitching the next design onto the back of a t-shirt or jumper. I have a tutorial for that here.

And also know that it’s ok to not do anything with a project straight away. I just love stitching for stitching’s sake and I no longer feel bad if a finished project gets put in a box never to be seen again.


“How to anchor the thread when backstitching!” @robyntix

I have a tutorial for this on YouTube. This is one of the reasons I would always backstitch in 2 strands – because it was easier to anchor it on. But now I almost exclusively use 1 strand unless the pattern really does call for 2.


“My biggest struggle with cross stitch is my confidence. I still make mistakes and when I do it really knocks me and can take me a while to try again, in fear I’ll go wrong again 🤦‍♀️ this is something I’m really trying to work on ❤️” @louiserebecca13

Just know that I still make mistakes and count wrong and miss stitches out. And it is so frustrating.

I think for me the thing I hate the most about making mistakes in cross stitch is how long it takes to correct them. It really does annoy me a lot.

So now I mostly don’t fix them! I’ve tried to embrace the imperfections and maybe this is something you could try too. I know some mistakes have to be fixed or the whole pattern gets messed up but if it is just a small mistake maybe try and just leave it and carry on with the rest of the pattern.

And try not to be worried about making another mistake. Honestly, this could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy where you’re so focused on not making a mistake that you’re not focused enough on the stitching that you end up making a mistake. Take the pressure off yourself.

My biggest struggle is finishing a project. I start out good but when it gets more difficult I stop, either I don’t know how to do the stitches or I get nervous I’ll mess it up 😪 @spartanmom117

I really recommend trying to find a super easy and quick pattern you can stitch right now that will give you that sense of satisfaction. Find a pattern with just full cross stitches on. I have a lot of these in my Etsy shop as do many other shop owners on Etsy so see how that feels and hopefully it will give you a little boost.

Then I want you to remember that everyone who knows those stitches that you don’t know had to learn them from somewhere. Think of this as a fun class you are taking and YouTube anything you aren’t sure about.

Have a piece of aida just for practising stitches before you do them on your pattern. I still have a piece of aida I practice stitches on and those of you in the Bloom 22 SAL have seen this practice piece of mine.

And if you do mess it up a little that’s OK. As I said to Louise we all mess up sometimes so just try and accept and embrace it.

Dark Fabric

“My biggest struggle is stitching on dark fabric. The wholes tend to blend together. I have started stitching with a light in my lap with the fabric over it which has helped.” @mdn1402

Stitching on dark fabric is so difficult! I actually have a podcast episode talking about this already that you can listen to here.

A light directly over you is perfect as well as having the light behind your fabric too. So if you have a reading light you can attach it to your hoop for the front. Or then you can have a lamp behind it or even the light from the T.V. – it really helps show you exactly where those holes are.

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