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In this episode, I am sharing 10 finishing ideas for your cross stitch designs. I don’t have tutorials for them all yet, but keep an eye on the blog for them coming soon. This is like my “to-do” list of things to try and make the rest of the year.

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10 Finishing Ideas for Cross Stitch

The thing I love about cross stitch is that once you have finished stitching you basically have a piece of fabric to make something from. There are many possibilities but I know it can be hard to think of ideas. Hopefully, these help you get creative! Many of these tutorials are in my membership the Cross Stitch Club but I hope to have some on the blog soon as well.

On a box

I am finishing a Christmas SAL from last year on a box. I am mounting it onto some glittery felt and then glueing the felt to the side of my wooden box which is going to be my baking box.

You could also do something similar with the lid of a closed box. This would look especially good on a sewing/stash box.


These are so simple to make; you just need some felt, cardboard and twine. I have a tutorial inside the Cross Stitch Club but there are also many on YouTube.

The great thing about making ornaments is that you can make them any size so it can be something you make from already completed designs.

cross stitch christmas ornaments

Large pillow cover

You can make a large pillow cover to use in your home. I like making covers because you can take them off to wash/store. You can find this pattern and tutorial inside the Christmas Traditions Stitch Along or just download the pattern here.

Small decorative cushion

You can also make small, decorative cushions from your finished cross stitch pieces. This is another good one to make from already completed projects because you can make them any size. I have a tutorial for this one inside the Cross Stitch Club.

A towel

For towels, you have to decide to make one before you start stitching (usually). You can stitch directly onto the towel as I am doing below. Or you can add an already finished design to the edge for decoration.

You can use the stitching on clothes tutorial but apply it to a towel to make this; it’s just a little more difficult to stitch on towel fabric.

Plastic canvas bookmark

I have a tutorial already on how to make corner bookmarks. But you can also stitch on plastic canvas to make a rectangle bookmark. I also added a tassel decoration to mine. I have a pattern and tutorial inside the Cross Stitch Club.

Glass jar topper

You can use glass jar toppers instead of lids or over the lid for some personalisation. Just cut around your design with some pinking shears and place it over the jar. Secure it with an elastic band and add some ribbon. Easy peasy!

Zip pouch/Pencil case

For the Rumble in the Jungle SAL, we are making a zip pouch from the finished design. You can make a large pouch to hold your project or a small one to use as a pencil case.

Planner/notebook cover

I love making covers; it’s just an easy finish. Just add some felt to the back of the design (half the width size of the front) and you can just slide it over the front cover of a planner/notebook. This project was for the Mind and Soul SAL (tutorial inside) or you can download just the pattern here.

Gift tag

Such a simple make; just glue your small design onto a gift tag and add some extra decoration if you want to. A tutorial for this one is coming soon!

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